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    [emoji1366] G'day

    Hey Katie, my wife (29) and I (32) arrive on the 25th of aug..... its getting a bit crazy and real now.. but sooo glad to be leaving rainy Scotland for the sunshine! we would be interested in meeting sometime for a nice cold one in the sun pm me on here or get me on FB scott leslee (profile pic is sitting on a beach with sunset) cheers
  2. gijoerambo

    Looking to make Friends

    hey, my wife (29) and I (32) arrive in from sunny Aberdeen on the 25th aug! would be interesting in getting together and hearing your story and how the first weeks months were for you? over a few cold ones obviously...
  3. hey everyone, my wife and i are due to land on the 25th of aug, staying in Innaloo. would be interested in meeting new people and socializing, out for food drinks etc if anyone is in the area. get me on Facebook as scott leslee (profile pic is a sunset)
  4. Hi all, my wife and I have just been granted our 189 this morning! For those awaiting theirs, good news ours arrived in 10 days! however our agent assured us this was because we loaded our application with EVERYTHING at once... I am 31 and my wife 28, no kids and looking to move over next year once we sell our house here in Aberdeenshire Scotland... market has taken a huge dive so could take a while.. my brother 34 has lived in perth for 9 years! so were sorted for short term place to stay and a tour guide... however were looking for recommendations for suburbs to rent in once we get on our feet. no need for schools etc however I understand this depends on our job locations, but with saying that we both commute 1.Hrs every morning to our current work so not too fussed tbh.. we've been to Perth before and love Fremantle, cottesloe, and usual places however haven't really had the chance to venture in to the suburbs or north or south beaches etc.. also anyone in the same position as us moving over or just moved feel free to get in touch! Thanks
  5. gijoerambo

    importing my motorbike

    I would be very interested also! we have just been granted our visa and will be moving late 2017. I have a few bikes which I will have to sell as I read somewhere that you can only import 1? 1997 V max and a 95 duc 916, Ill be taking the ducait 916 as its too much of a nest egg to sell, The resale value would still be in my favor over there however Im really not fussed about that as I do NOt intend to sell,,,, ever... if I can help it. I know the import duty % rates etc however if you could possibly outline in a simple format your total costs for shipping your bike start to finish once known? Thanks and good luck with the move!