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    485 Graduate Visa - Only option??

    Thanks for the welcoming and the reply. I just double checked the SOL there in the link you provided and it is definitely still on the list (although I think it has definitely been removed from the WA state nominated list). I should say it states it as Wall & Floor Tiler which is what I am studying. My understanding is once I have received my qualification (Cert III) and apply with TRA for the skills assessment, I apply for the 485 visa and it gives me 18months to work in my industry. During that time TRA outlines that in order to pass their assessment I must complete in the region of 1800 hours in my trade with onsite assessments carried out by them during that time. When finished and I pass, I am able to apply for PR? If this is all wrong then I am definitely up the creek without a paddle!
  2. Hey So I am in the second year of my studies and just looking to clear up what my options are once I've finished. As usual, hear allsorts of things from people about how to just get PR but whenever I look it never seems like its an option until I have completed a skills assessment through going on to a 485 graduate visa? My current situation is: - 2yrs on a whv then straight to student visa for 2yrs (never left Australia) - Trade is on SOL but from what I can see is no longer on the WA state nominated/employer sponsored list? (Studying to be a tiler) - I have family here, a brother who has just got PR by defacto. Don't think that really helps though as Im not a remaining relative. From what I can tell my only option is to go on to the 485 while TRA assess me through out so I can apply for skilled independent PR or state nominated just not in WA once TRA have given me a thumbs up (and after given them their cash). Any help at all is appreciated