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  1. Just cool

    Peter Carney vs Trendy College

    Thanks a lot for your response.....
  2. Just cool

    Peter Carney vs Trendy College

    Good morning /Evening All Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could get some advise from people living close to or those who have Children at either of these schools. I am an Engineer and partner is a doctor. We are moving to Rockingham /Baldivis in October for 1 year to start jobs in the Baldivis /Rockingham area. We hope to also reside here. We are going private in an attempt not to disrupt too much the children's curriculum and not wanting to do too much travelling,,,we have whittled the private schools in the area to Tranby and Peter Carnley. I would please love to get a home feeling from those of you already on Perth. Thanks
  3. Just cool

    Private schools close to Rockingham

    Hi everyone We are moving to Perth in October and plan to live in Secret Harbour or Rockingham as I have a job in Baldivis. I'm looking for good private schools around the area. The 3 that come highly recommended (Island, All saints and Hale) are a good 40/50 minutes drive one way thus totally unworkable. Does anyone have any kids attending private schools in the Rockingham area? Thanks