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  1. Hi - apologies for the delay in replying - we fly out on the 24th June so 3 weeks today!! In answer to your question - I'm not sure I'm afraid - when you complete the EOI you input the designated areas you are interested in but as my sister lives in WA and I put WA as my designated area - I'm not sure what would have happened if I had put in another designated area. you can apply for a 489 as a regional sponsored one - so maybe you could do it that way? here is the link to the page https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/489- Good luck and hopefully you have got an ITA on the 189 visa now
  2. Sorry didn't answer your question properly - it's for 4 years but after 2 years we can apply for PR - the rest of the info re designated areas and regional areas is in my post above my update post thanks
  3. Hi - thankyou I'm really pleased and excited!!! yes because it is family sponsored and not employer sponsored I can live and work in a designated area of Australia and not restricted to regional areas - a designated area for Perth is anywhere in WA https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/489-
  4. Hi - I thought I would update this in case anyone has the same question as me in the future - I got my 489 family sponsored visa granted today! My sister sponsored me and my visa condition is that I must live and work in a designated area - which is anywhere in WA For info my time line is: EOI for 189 submitted 27/06/17 (60 points) Welfare Centre Manager occupation Police check submitted 29/06/17 (certificate completed 06/07/17) Updated EOI submitted for a 489 family sponsored 16/08/17 (70 points) ITA received 22/08/17 Medicals completed 30/08/17 Visa application submitted 01/09/17 Direct visa grant 23/10/17 I didn't use a migration agent and had key documents certified (birth cert, passport page, driving licence, degree certifcates/academic transcripts etc) I completed form 80 for myself and my husband and form 1221 for my husband too I hope that is helpful to anyone searching for the same visa type - good luck! I am so excited - I just need to find a job now and we can go
  5. Hi - thanks for the responses - I have been looking at this and have found on the border.gov website that if you are sponsored by a relative then you can work in any designated area - when you click on the links for designated area it says WA - all states/everywhere You must be prepared to live, work and study in only certain areas of Australia. If you are: nominated by a state or territory government agency, this is a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area sponsored by a relative, this is a designated area of Australia. it also says - Sponsored applicants You can work in any designated area in any state or territory. the link to the page is here - https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/489- so now I am confused - it seems to me that it would be a good idea to submit a 189 as I would have 70 points and more chance of receiving an invite - looking at the recent invitation round results no one with 60/65 points was invited for a 189 in July any advice greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. OK thank you - I thought my family (my sister) needed to live in a designated area of Australia and listed on the gov website - anywhere in WA is a designated area. I really want to live in Perth though so I will hold off on an EOI for the 489 - I'm just worried I will never get the invitation to apply as I only have 60 points for the 189!! Thanks for getting back to me.
  7. Hi - I currently have an EOI in with 60 points under Welfare Centre Manager for a 189 permanent visa (submitted 28/06/17) However, my sister lives in Perth and has citizenship - if I put an EOI in for a 489 family sponsored I will have 70 points. However, when I look at the information it seems that if I had a 489 relative sponsored I would only be able to live and work in regional Western Australia and not in Perth or the surrounding areas - Obviously PR is my preferred option but i think I stand more of a chance of getting an invitation to apply with 70 points. I would welcome any advice please - can I live and work in Perth/surrounding areas with a 489 relative sponsored visa?
  8. Hi - my first post on here! I have submitted an EOI for welfare centre manager (27/06/17) with a positive skills assessment through VETASSESS - however, I have seen that from the 1st July the assessing authority is now ACWA. I do also have a positive skills assessment from ACWA (patience is not my strong point so I applied for both!) so my question is - is that going to affect whether I get an ITA (I have 60 points) - should I go back into my EOI and change the details to ACWA but risk the submission date being later or leave it and hope that I get an ITA soon??