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  1. Jill

    Where to live?

    We had a drive around yesterday. Coming here everyone in Adelaide said it was so similar to there but it’s not so been a bit of a shock. We have been told that all government secondary schools here are very poor apart from Willetton but it’s so expensive to live there. I liked Coogee
  2. Jill

    Where to live?

    Good morning everyone. I have posted on here a couple of times already. We moved on the weekend to Fremantle from Adelaide. We’re here for a month so have to start looking for a more permenant rental. My husband works and Henderson and we have 2 children of 8 and 11. Where should we live? Advice on all suburbs please.
  3. We’re moving to WA at the end of the month and my 8 year old daughter will go to primary school. We’re looking at Secret Harbour but would like opinions on the schools there. Any feedback welcome.
  4. Jill

    Moving from SA to WA

    I currently live in Adelaide and as a family we are considering a move to WA. My husband would be working in Henderson. Any information and recommendations would be appreciated especially if you have made the move across country yourself.