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  1. GLloyd

    Seeking Advice

    Thank you for the info, much appreciated! My sister lives in SA, if she would to sponsor us a family would that change the points or type of visa to apply for? How is Perth regarding emoployment? Thanks again! 🖒
  2. GLloyd

    Seeking Advice

    Hello Everyone Just arrived back from Australia after a wonderful 4 weeks site seeing and lazy days on the beaches!.....im desperate to go back and want to relocate to Perth and thinking of Baldivis, fermentale area. My husband is a builder/tiler with 12 yrs experience and I currently run my own Gluten Free business and specialise in patisserie. Would we be able to easily find a job or is sponsorship visa the only way forward? Any info will be much appreciated Thank you🖒
  3. GLloyd

    Gluten free baker

    Thankyou x
  4. Hi Im new to this forum so any advice will be much appriciated. Im a gluten free baker specialising in GF french patisserie etc. Can anyone advice me if Gluten Free pastry chef is in demand or know of any Gluten Free only cafes/Bakeries in Perth? TIA