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    Teaching jobs

    Thanks for your reply Ali. Mrsr1976 I'll pm you.
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    Teaching jobs

    Hello! I'm hoping you can help me out. I've just been granted my 189 and aim to arrive mid-August. I'm in a bit of a dilemma; I've heard that the job market in Perth is saturated. I'm secondary French and German qualified with 15 years experience at classroom level, subject/ department leadership and curriculum development. I have led Citizenship across 3 schools, deliver PSHE and am currently head of RE. I spent 3 years in primary (2014-2017) teaching Y6 and leading whole school French across 3 schools. I think I'm very employable.... I'll teach anything to anyone . What's the word on the street regards the job market? I'd go down the supply route initially but would hope to find a permanent position in 2020 term 1.... Any inside advice? Can't decide whether to stick with Perth or head elsewhere if the market is dire.... Thanks ever so. Louise