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    Thanks Ali, I do check Seek regularly but what worries me is that people seem to say you have to know someone there who can help you out or have to have Australia experience (that makes sense for me regarding Employment law) but surely not for engineering if the company uses the same machines software etc. Its just very worrying to move your entire life and not know what is available and if you will be treated fairly. I think the problem is how the Australian dream is sold and then you look further Into it and find out lots of people just can't make it and yes this is also probably cold feet (which is probably natural) obviously I know we will have to try our hardest and it won't just happen but would like to know that there is at least opportunities that's all
  2. Hi All My husband and I (and 2 young kids) are in the process of doing a 189 he is a Mechanical Engineer as well as a First Class Metal Machinist and I am an HR Advisor. I have been reading some of the forums and I am now starting to worry about whether we will be able to get jobs. We are both currently in good jobs in the UK and have never had any issues with getting jobs. Could anyone advise on the job market for the above job types? We are happy to live anywhere in Perth. Any advice is appreciated as I would hate to uplift our whole lives to not get jobs!