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  1. Hi, Quick question, how long are you technically a graduate for? My husband finished his Masters in 2017 and his profession is on the WA state so sponsored list but it’s obviously been 2 years since he graduated. We’ve just lost 10 points by turning 40 as the skills asesssment has been taking so long so would be amazing if he was eligible for the grad state sponsored visa. Many thanks
  2. 65 or 75 depending on age at application and then hopefully 20 extra with the IElTS - fingers crossed!!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know at which point your age points count? Basically my husband is applying for the 189 visa as he is a teacher but he turns 40 in September. We are just at skills assessment stage at the moment and waiting for IElTS results to come back before we can submit. Then we obviously have to wait for that to come back etc etc. So main question is does age count at expression of interest stage or the visa application? He obviously losing 10 points turning 40! Thanks Marianne
  4. Hi, Which are the best websites to find secondary school vacancies in Perth. So used to the TES website in the Uk, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent in Australia unless I am not finding it! Many Thanks!