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  1. yorkey

    Lawyers Perth.

    Can anybody recommend a good lawyer in Perth? Someone they've had experience with preferably. It's for a compensation case. Reading all reviews online and some of the firm's seem fairly shocking. It would be good to get pointed in the right direction. TIA.
  2. yorkey

    Personal Injury Lawyer.

    Hi folks, I had a car crash last week and now I need to find a Personal injury Lawyer. Has anybody any recommendations?
  3. Hi folks, can anybody recommend a life insurance company? There are so many on the net its hard to get the head around it and not get screwed.:wacko:
  4. yorkey

    Bloody car

    Hi all,does anybody know of a good mechanic around como? our old nissan needs some work done. Thanks in advance.
  5. yorkey

    Scootering Clubs

    Cheers mate.
  6. yorkey

    Job market seem's a bit slow

    Many thanks for all replys folks, I reckon we might put the feet up and hit the beach till jan.
  7. Howdy folks, does anybody know if there are any proper scooter clubs in Perth? I have a px on the way over. Cheers.
  8. Howdy folks,myself,wife and little fella landed about seven weeks ago now and are settling in nicely. Only thing is,the job hunt does not seem to be going anywhere, do you think its beacuse we have no WA experience? Or are things slowing down? Chris is an accountant and i drive diggers. cheers. Oh yea,and Perth is wonderful:biggrin: