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  1. Thanks all... Not sure where he is working as yet but probably South of the river. This gives me something to work with.
  2. Hi all, My family and I, (hubby and 2 kids 10 & 7) moved to Melbourne from Leeds 10 years ago and we still haven't bought a house. We just can't afford it here, the prices are crazy, especially as we picked a bayside suburb to live in. My husband is the main earner and isn't going to earn any more than he is on now as he is at the top of his wage bracket. So I have been looking into our options and Perth seems a good go. He could make more money and houses seem more affordable. Plus we hate the Winter here and have realised this is not the Aussie beachside surfer life we dreamt of. My question is, do you think we will be able to buy a 3 bed in a nice beachside suburb in 2-3 years time for under 600k with good public schools, cafes etc. Or am I dreaming? If this is possible please name the suburbs, the more character and larger plot the better. Thanks
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