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    Mining Careers!!!

    There is nothing 'wrong' with Cheshire, but i do feel we would like the opportunity to move elsewhere a bit of sun and better lifestyle we also have friends in Perth and other locations in WA. Things aren't easy thats the problem but im not just going to give up something i want to do because it isn't straight forward thats life im afraid...
  2. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    Gas engineer isnt needed but plumber id on the list. But yes he will need to do a course when in australia.x
  3. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    We have just been looking into things and it was an option but after we have been doing research and wont be bringing dogs until we are there permanently wether we hold out on the other visa or if my OH goes first to see if he can get work then i will follow on. its hard we have 2 dogs that i hav had 2 yrs and no one can look after them for us. I dont want to just give them up its not fair on them, if we go they come, it just makes things alot harder... If we didnt have the dogs trust me id be there already!x
  4. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    Thanks.... hopefully we will make the right decision whatever it is and it will work out...x
  5. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    Thanks... i hope things work out for you. Let me know how you get on.. im sure you will be fine if he has experience doing it already!! x
  6. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    Yes we have looked into that.. he does need to do a course to transfer it over, which isnt a problem but what is the point in paying if we cant even get work in that industry... Its just so confusing we have some ppl tellin us jobs r so easy to get when ur there and theres so many.. but then ive read on here past posts where people are struggling to find work. Hes quite a handy man and does a bit of all trade and does love his job but would happily train in something else. I have a few friends moving over and have been before and keep telling me it will be fine but we have commitments (dogs) that cant just be moved back and to if it doesnt work out. I wana go... why cant it all be simple
  7. Rach

    Mining Careers!!!

    Rossmoyne - i thought this forum was for help an advice which is exactly what i am looking for... I do not know how everything works which is why im on here, the more i find out the better. I do not need to be criticised..... Mad cow (great name) & very stormy- thanku very much for ur advice!!!! I will look into things in a different way!!!x
  8. Hi, Me and my other half are looking to go to Perth in the Summer (uk summer) hopefully, we are literally saving every penny we can to go and wont be going over with lots of disposable income so need work quickly. We also have 2 dogs that will be following us out but after quarantine will only be with us 5wks later.. in those 5 weeks we have to secure somewhere to stay which i know is going to be difficult and is making me nervous enough as it is. My partner is a plumber/gas engineer and i know from past posts its hard to get into so looks like the mines is the way he is going to have to go... Can they sponsor your visa for you? as we were looking to go on a working holiday visa and hopefully get sponsorship and be able to stay, but if they sponsor it before going... obviously having a job to go out with and start straight away is going to make life so much easier!! We really want to go, and obviously having the dogs makes life alot more difficult as we are on a time frame, we have no one we can leave them with in the UK until we are sorted! .... im getting a little stressed out now!! Any ideas of who to contact on the mining jobs info, work etc... Thanks..xxx
  9. Hi, If my OH goes out to Australia and is a qualified gas engineer and plumber what does he have to do before he goes or when he gets there to get his qualifications recognised in Perth. Also if he was to do a air con course.. should he do it in the UK or is this the same as in he has to get it recognised in Perth anyway so may aswell just do it over there?? Any help appreciated!! Thanks..xxx
  10. Rach

    New career

    Hi Ian, Would be very grateful if you could let us know how you got on as kinda in the same boat.. but without the big family theres only 2 of us.. but with 6grand to bring the dogs across i need to make sure its gonna work.x
  11. Hi Ian, Thanks... i looked and it doesnt seem to be on there but Plumber is and he is qualified plumber aswell. If you find anything out please let me know and I will look into it further!! Good luck in Perth, hopefully see you there! Rach.x
  12. Hi, My partner is a qualified gas engineer with ten years experience and we are looking to move to Perth. Can anyone recommend how to find a job, i know its easier when over there but would feel alot more comfortable moving over with a job to go to. Thanks for any advice. Rach.x
  13. Rach


    Hi, Im looking into moving to Perth and im struggling to find info on a few things... im a qualified beauty therapist and have completed my pttls course to start teaching the subject. Will i be able to do the further courses in Perth or is it a different course all together over there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Rachael.x