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  1. Wondering if any pipefitters who have done so before moving to australia got the australian qualification through vetassess as metal fabricator. Or anyone already in australia thats done it;lets just say i have been putting it off for several years now and have decided i better get it. Sent in my stuff start of new year and have already got a date booked for me technical assessment which i must say bit nervous about. Any pipefitters been through this and what was you asked,did it really take 2 hrs and do you know of anyone thats failed it. Im just curious on what they ask, i know questions asked could be different from one person to another and depends on assessor but be good with a heads up.
  2. Did you guys as a pipefitter ever do the technical assessment as a metal fabricator and how did you get on? Did you pass and what was you asked,been in oz 4 and half years now and have finally given in to getting this qualification as im getting too many job knock backs. Im hoping such qualification opens more doors as it certainly is not with years of experience and current uk quals.
  3. bwatt99

    shipping from Perth back to uk

    Living in perth looking to maybe make a move back to uk,not sure if a 40ft container or a 20ft container will be used,but I was wondering anyone who moved back who did you use and how recent was it and what was your quotes or price. its on the cards to make a return unless things get better for me so just wanted to start the ball rolling on a possible move or costs.
  4. bwatt99

    Moving back to uk but not 100% sure

    Pipefitter oil and gas industry.some of the big jobs are coming to an end here and I still can't get on them,my 23 yrs experience and background in the industry does not seem to mean anything to them over here. to the point I'm sort of fed up trying anymore it's a joke to be honest. i have more knowledge and experience than most I have worked for since arriving here,and makes me wonder how they get the jobs.
  5. Just wondering how many on here came to oz and ended up back in uk if so how long did it last? i always wanted to make the move here since my backpacking days over 10 yrs ago and the many times on holidays. Came on or with got her or while here. Its coming up to 2yrs on June 2015 and as much as I wanted to get here I left it till about 3 months before my pr visa was due to expire. Or should I say before I would be too late in getting in. working here in my trade 10 yrs ago while backpacking and seeing the jobs advertised here I thought I cant go wrong more so on the projects that was going on previous to coming and while being here. But to be honest it maybe time for me to call it a day see to the end of my lease or head off sooner. As nice as it is nice weather etc etc the work needs to be there and ongoing. In the 23 yrs in the industry and over this time hardly out of work the odd few months here and there over that time it's been pretty sweet back there for me. It was always a worry what if it does not work out,what if there is not enough work etc. in the 17 months of being here I have only had about 4 months work if that. Pretty sick of just getting the odd job here and there and nothing more steady,getting messed around and the endless applying for jobs and some not even getting back to you etc. Each and everytime having to get a medical. There has been a lot of bad timing on some work and just as said being promised but nothing. i do find they could not care less of there workers here ok they are not 100% at home but I find they care more and I myself I hardly need to call them they are always calling me asking if I want work. But it's like I sold my house left funds in uk to see how it went here,ok it's something but not enough to buy a house here and with getting silly jobs here the way it's going I just wanna own again and I'm not getting any younger. i know I would pretty much get work asap if moved back home it's such a carry on here to get on one and on the jobs I have been on the guys around me have way less yrs in the industry or experience and even guys in charge of me and above,it's really opened my eyes coming here and seeing these guys on the jobs while I keep trying etc. As much as it would be nice to stay here I think the lack of work I have been offered etc has just put me off and it's just got worse by being annoyed buy there driving here to many other things,ok most don't settle and some never do,but I do wonder if oz was ever for me. Unless things get much better soon then it's time to go back me thinks,As I really can't go on like this I have done pretty well supporting my wife and bub and savings have taken a huge hit but if I move back I know I be back on my feet soon again.i rather be broke I think in uk near family than over here with none. Such a waste of a pr for us and shame it was not 2yrs for citizenship as feel it would not have been a complete waste coming over here but hope we are not those ones that want to come back to oz wishing we never left in first place. God it's a hard one.
  6. Ok guys need your help i see there have been a few post about guys doing there assessment with vetassess,some of you pipefitters and some other trades. Im a pipefitter from uk,who trained for almost 4 years with a well known company back in uk and the training board,with both on and off job training.This was about 20yrs ago. I came to australia last year,lets not get into why been here a few times and wanted to give it a try. I have had some jobs but not many and some have said you need to get your skills recognised,others including some employers i was with said its load of crap not really needed,so to be honest not really bothered with it. One reason being pipefitter is a trade in eu,uk,usa and most other places but not here,and as i already have papers and did my time why need to pay and get them recongnised here,and pay for it also. I also did the traveling thing back in 2004 and found it very easy to get work without any quals ie oz ones,But then i was not living here but traveling.so probably get away with it,but to be honest i thought as pipefitter was not a trade here and as i was one then not be required.But i do find that more and more employers are asking for them now or advertising with wanting this. I even have been knocked back several times from one company asking if i have it and they say i can get a job unless i have it. So i have decided i maybe better if i have it,if i remain in australia thats another thing, as its not been as planned so far due to lack of work,this maybe down to just not getting the jobs as i have not got the quals or just unlucky.It sure is nothing to do with experience. If this australian quals opens more doors and finds me the work more then i will see if i wish to remain here but as of now,i have been talking about going back as never been out of work much back in uk. My questions are,what do vetassess need from you i have all the stuff in front of me and it goes on about a load of things and a little confused about it all,my pipefitting goes back 21yrs,so how far they want me to go back? When i decided to move here i did not get in as a pipefitter,i got in as a welder yes and im not even a welder,i did night classes in welding long ago and also one some old training scheme way back,i did put down as a metal fabricator but tra messed up and had me as a welder. The guy who did my tra an agent for it said look dont worry about it, you have the points you needed and now you can apply for the visa,lets say its was all done by agents and an ex tra agent for the tra part. As i said im far from a welder and im here now,could have been here years ago but came before my visa expired,im a qualified pipefitter and again i see my trade best matched as a metal fabricator and have talked online with others who where also pipefitters and passed as a metal fabricator. As i have been in the game so long i have done many different duties and tasks some not even related to pipefitter or normally would have been done by other trades in the uk. I have worked on some jobs here as a mechanical fitter as the so a lot of pipeys work,well they do what we do in uk.I also done a lot of plating work,again this maybe classed as a boilermaker here,and as said various other things. As im a pipefitter thats what my quals are in and what i have mostly worked as. I have when i applied for my visa all them letterhead letters from employers which im sure will be usefull but how many or how far back do they want me to go?I also have some pipefitting certs showing what modules was completed,i then have my craft cert,nvq level 3,ace card etc.I have my tra as a first class welder,lol and papers on welding that was used to apply for tra,but if it came down to picking up a welding machine and welding i probably struggle as been years ago since i did it.I have letter headed papers from other employers showng or saying i worked for them. I take i would not add any jobs i have had in oz as not really been any pipefitting jobs,so really no point as be nothing to do with mechanical fitter.I have one or two references from a few years back,but have phone numbers from a couple of supervisor from uk just before i left to come here. Some letters from oil companies on a good job well done and awarded a gift. Photos well its not really something i have had done or needed to do,as in have someone take some while doing a job to see me complete it,but i have pics from newspapers,and a company photo from the training days,would this help my assessment? I really have no tickets/licenses here apart from white card and my refresher for foet for offshore,i did used to have all them other things when in ok working at height,confined spaces etc etc,but they maybe expired now and my ex employer in uk might have some valid stuff on file still.I also have msic. It goes on about reference template i take giving them my own reference from employers is all thats needed there and what is the third party reports? Whats the self assessment qualifiations it mentions and self assessment questionare? It also goes on about taxation records or payslips well before moving to oz i had lots going back many years but binned them,i may have like one p60 from before i left to come here,and who knows i maybe have but unsure yet some old pay slip in an email somewhere but if not is this really needed? Bank statements is not really going to make much difference as i moved over here a year ago and so will they need me to get statements from when i was paid and if so when and how far back as i have been in this industry for 21 yrs,and some companies i know are no longer around. I maybe looking into this in too much detail but i sure have the trade papers,and the letter head papers to cover many jobs over the years,but how deep do i need to dig or provide to them,it be great if someone who has been through this was to help me out a little. God its like applying for a visa again but then i never did my own visa when coming over here i used an agent,and sure would not be for this as cant afford it. Just need a little help on what you guys provided,i not looked into this in great detail but can this be done online or paper based and what did it cost im being told $1850 and did you get your quals without a tech interview or practical or was one a requirment? Also im based in perth so if i had to go to say a venue and show what i can do where would this be? as by the looks of it they have moved from the places that was pretty close to me. It does annoy me i even have to go this route,and pay this money etc but then there be a load of you guys who have thought the same but had to. I may provide them with not enough stuff or too much and i really am not sure how much they want from me. I believe some of you guys may have done this to get into australia for migration and some who are already here well im one thats already here so not sure if that makes any difference in what they require. Sorry for the long post,but just needed to get my message out there.lol
  7. How does it work over here is this something everyone has to do or an option? As i dont know much about the tax system over here or in fact much about it in the uk,i was asking around who does it and what it would cost me to have someone do it for me,but my question is what would i require it for,for what reason,would i be owe any money?Or yes could i have been overpaid? I get family tax benifit a and b but not that much every two weeks they wanted an idea of what i could make over a year and i based it on that figure,but depending on how much work i would be on that year and what type of job i be on it could be more. But its not been a good year and i would say i if lucky done 5 weeks work in that year,the first few months of arriving i did not really look as was so busy looking for rental,car,container on way and unpacking etc. But pretty much full on after that applying and applying and not having much luck. So looking at centrelink i see they will base me on the figure i said i earn on that year or i could lodge a tax return? and go with that figure,well as i have only done five weeks work in that year im nowhere near what i had said i make. I can understand where they are coming from as they just want to see i have not been overpaid in benifits and would want paid back,but is it also possible i maybe should have been paid more based on what i only worked in that year? My other question is i thought i was able to claim for courses i had done,which may have helped me find work better but im told its not but had been told before this i could,then there is a job i was on needed to buy my own tools not there anymore and wanted to claim for them. Would it pay for me to have an accountant with what im asking above,as said is it a requirement,on just the family benifit thing alone would not want them to just take for granted i made what i quoted on that year i made way less,but does that make any difference to me. I even here people claim for sunscreen and glasses your kiding right and im not able to claim back for course i needed or thought may help me get that job,i even have a course that needs refresher done by end of june and had hoped i could claim for this,but i am hearing this is not possible too.
  8. Having been in the offshore industry in uk for so long and never having to pay for the offshore training,paid by company i was wondering is this something you can claim back in tax,i was told on other courses that they can be claimed back on tax,like white card and msic card all of which i really did not want to be paying for but did to help find work,anyone know about the offshore training? Also im trying to price as i only need to get a refresher for one day is there only two plcase in w.a.
  9. bwatt99

    Health insurance 1yr on

    Im coming upto almost a year since i have been here well since the 1st june,and i think if im to take hospital cover it would need to be before my first year is up right? Meaning if i dont then im charged more to take it out after the year why is this and what is the difference by what my age is? It would be cover for myself,wife and daughter. Is there a recommended cover,company to use and one that pay out well or companies you find ticks all the boxes. They say if your high earner that depends on the jobs i would be working on that you get charged a levy and its wise to have hospital cover why? I have heard that the public system is very good and you dont need private and i have heard that people with private would not do without. We are planning on having another child if in australia then need to factor this in. Dental would be a big part in the cover also as im getting on im sure i can see some dental issue to come. We only have ambulance cover for now and we have never really been much to see gp and if we have its just been bulk billed. any sites you can compare,i did look into this when i first arrived but left it there as was so many companies offering so many options and then there is this gap thing whats that all about.
  10. bwatt99

    My wife's partnet visa second part.

    I dont want use the agents services as i thought to be honest what we paid first stage was for completed visa,so are you saying that the agent would have lodged both applications two years ago then why does all the paper work ask for so much info,police checks etc,witnesses surely just providing some info like our proof of lease,bank stuff and a few other things like days out etc as family would be all they need? But looking through the form it probably is very easy its just what they ask for and what they need vs if im required to need or not etc. Some things im unsure of are: The thing that puzzles me is the npc,from afp it says its required for visa applicant including dependents over 16 and who have lived in australia for 12 months or more since last npc,well as the agent did first part of this visa,i take we did not do a npc first time around as we lived in the uk? And as we just came here in 1st june last year we have not been here 12 months so am puzzled if this is a requirement or not. It also says that if we have a dependant under age of 18 as part of the application which we have as bub is part of wife's visa the sponsor which is i must also provide a npc but also says if sponsor which is i provided a clear npc at the temp visa stage of the application i will not be required to provide one,so did i do one at the temp stage of so does that mean i have to leave this or get one also.I cant remember on this and so far agent has not been willing to provide much info. It also says: It says about character requirement to provide an origninal overseas penal cert for any country in which we have resided cumulatively for 12 months or more since grant of the temp visa,so what is this asking for does wife already have this from first stage? would they take a copy, and would agent have this?do we apply again and how or dont need it and its just wife that needs it right? I know she provided one from first stage of visa so its do we need to get again or not,these are probably all easy questions asked but them but we are unsure if required again and what we really need to provide to be honest. AlsoI know i need to get two witnesses decs done on form 888,will a mate of michelle's be able to do this we have known them since arriving here in june,im sure i read 12 months should have known us,we have our cousin and aunt again but cousin is currently on holidays so running our of options. Im taking also when we have completed our stat decs and are ready to sign,which im hoping when done online can be downloaded and printed and scanned back in that they need to be witnessed when signing,i was think i can have the same person do this as the ones doing any certified copys right? thanks for your help.
  11. My wife has had her letter from visa dept about her partner visa,the second part,we used an agent first time around as was not straight forward and to be honest thought the second part of the visa was covered by agent but is not. I know the goverment payment is covered as im sure it was paid at first part of visa,and really dont fancy paying the agent fees second part. So may need or ask so help if we get stuck along the way. I am confused about the npc is this a requiement,for both wife and mysel and even says about dependants,we have kid under 2?we did this when we first applied,well wife did cant remember about myself if i did one also or what. it says about penal cert for any country which have resided cumulatively for 12 months or more since grant of temp partnet visa. i would need to check dates but this partner visa was granted back in 2012 we came here 1st june 2013 so what does this mean? I take we need two statutory decs form 888? We got the letter to start applying for second part of visa and says about 90 days from when recived letter why?what if we did not get this done before then as we are running out of time and not been able to deal with this yet. Im trying to get hold of our agent to give us copies of our first part of visa to see what sort of things we said on them as could do same but change words around a bit,as im sure it asks same sruff again like prove we are still together etc. All that is still the same but we maybe have a joint account over in oz now and share our rental and maybe one of our bills on both our names. one of the things it asks is describe nature of your household including any joint responsibility for the care and support of children,living agrrangements and sharing of housework.what sort of stuff could we use here,seems like they ask same stuff again as first time and until i get the other info back from agent not sure what to say. says describe social aspects of relationship like social activities,attending special events travel etc,since arriving in australia we not really travelled just trying to get settled and on our feet so to speak.but many days out with our little girl etc etc is this what they want to see,maybe pics? then it asks nature of commitment to each other including the degreee of companionship and emotional support you draw from each other and whether you see the relationship as a long term one,silly question when we are already married and was in first part of visa and have kid.so what can i add to this. As i had the agent deal with first part of visa will i need to let them know to contact us and not agent as not really looking to fork out what i thought was paid for first time around through agent. How long does it take to get npc done from police? im sure as time goes on we will have more stuff to ask but just trying to get my head around it all,will more than likely do it online than by post. thanks in advance.