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  1. Missing UK

    I am not sure if it might be available at CrazyDons at Kelmscott
  2. Missing UK

    Thank you all for your valuable comprehensive replies. It purely is learning to live in the new country we are in.
  3. My wife worked as a GP at Market Street Surgery Dalton. We have lived in Barrow for 13 years. definitely love to catchup. When are you coming over?
  4. Hi Sami, we have moved from Barrow in Furness this January 14th we arrived with a 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Happy to help with your queries. Kids get used to very quickly. Its us parents worrying about kids. Mine settled very well. All the best. Where in Cumbria if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Missing UK

    Thank you for all your valuable views. Sometimes, I need real telling off to "get real" I am thankful to all of you to make me put my priorities right. We will try for a year. If we stay we stay or if we go we go. Thank you. Mike
  6. Tesco Sainsbury Asda

    Thank you Zebradeb. We live near Willetton area Please can you let me know the big store branches of Coles and Woolworths where they stock British items. For instance, McVities digestive
  7. Missing UK

    Hi all, We arrived in January this year We are starting to miss UK strangely enough Supermarkets Driving to various cities within UK And the whole thing about may not go back for good plays trick on your mind Welcome and value your thoughts Mike
  8. Tesco Sainsbury Asda

    Sorry, I don't know how the silly emoticon got on there. Couldn't get rid of it and I didn't mean to put it. Sincere apologies
  9. Tesco Sainsbury Asda

    Hi everyone, We are just a month in Perth We are missing supermarkets from UK terribly Specially in WA there is not much variety as you would find in UK Is there anywhere we could get British items in the supermarkets? Even Aldi in Eastern states is not round here. :ssign1: We welcome any suggestions Many thanks in advance Mike
  10. Thank you Pea and Ali for your kind words. Started working this week. Keep you posted. Pea, yes Cartmel races still runs and always a big hit like mini Ascot. Miss the lush green country sides, grazing cows and sheeps strangely. Where abouts in the hills do you live? Is it lush over there?
  11. Hi everyone, we have moved from Barrow in Furness where we lived for 12 years to 2 years in Preston UK and now in Perth from Jan 2014. Looking to meet like minded friends. We have got 5 year old and 2 year old children. We are in health care profession, living SOR, Willetton area. Cost of living is certainly a shock. certainly missing UK shopping and UK supermarkets. lol.
  12. When will the Mercury come down as we are coming from peak winter in UK to peak summer in Perth on the 14th of January 2014
  13. Hi everyone, We are planning to rent for first few years Even if we don't want it some of the houses come with swimming pool Is swimming pool expensive to maintain? Please advise Thank you for your continued support without which our Oz dream might be difficult to think about. Thank you Mike
  14. Thanks everyone. Ours are 5 and 2. It sounds, Roe better than Leach. We are also looking at renting at Rossmoyne, Riverton or Canning Vale and not to consider Murdoch after your words of wisdom. Thank you