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187 PR visa


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Hi ya folks...


Thought I would share another step in our adventure in this fantastic country......I have just applied for our 187 PR visa...$8800 lighter.... me, wife and 4 kids....currently on a 457, been here just over 2 years... Now hoping that as we have shelled out a huge amount that immigration may believe that we want to be here permanently....perhaps they might get a move on with our application....ever the optimist...:biggrin::biggrin:


If anyone else out there is in the same position, please share...an idea of actual time lines from other would be great...





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we went thru it earlier this year, just under a year from when we arrived on a 457. Thankfully company paid in sorts, OH asked for it instead of a pay rise which worked out better because a) he would have paid tax on the pay rise b) the visa cost more than what was offered as pay rise c) we Didnt have that money to pay upfront for the visa.


as for timeline...it was really quick, only took a month. That was back in July. It was before the education fees were announced though so maybe more people are going down that route now.


Once we had the medical, which we could have done sooner but as a family who all work, we needed to get a date we could all have off, it was about a week later that we got the visa.


best wishes and good luck


Fi xx

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