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how clean is clean


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When I shipped my tools I was advised to wash them off using Jeyes fluid or something similar and to let them air dry....to try and keep the 'clean smell'....I don't think rust is a major concern....but still get as much off as possible....I also made sure that I crammed my tool boxes full....packed better than an ikea flat pack!!!....


hope this helps



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We have arrived recently and possibly went OTT with the whole cleaning thing - although only time will tell and I'll let you know when our container arrives in Nov/Dec. We went mad with Jeyes fluid and I now detest the smell of the stuff!! The movers from Crown said that we had 'done more cleaning than most'!


I think that the general wisdom says concentrate on things that have been outside, especially in contact with the ground - garden furniture , shoes etc. Clean these items and scrub with Jeyes or similar, both to ensure that they are clean and disinfected and also to ensure that the customs chap get a whiff of Jeyes when they crack open your container - first impressions and all that.


There are some big no-no's - pine cones in christmas decorations and untreated wooden items seem to be a problem for some.


Hope this helps. All the hard work is worth it when you get here - honest!





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