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Shipping batteries

Guest Jambo5

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Hi, we've got our seven seas move cube coming on Wednesday. In the paper work there is a list of prohibited goods you cannot pack, one of them being all batteries. As a carpenter I've got quite alot of cordless tool batteries, these are expensive and I don't really want to leave them behind. Has anyone else shipped cordless tool batteries or did they leave them behind and buy new on arrival? Also I was going to pack some basic hand tools and a cordless drill in our luggage and fly them over with us, is this allowed?


Thanks for any info.....

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There's no reason from a quarantine perspective why you can't fetch them. Batteries definitely aren't on the list of 'items for concern' -




I guess it's just seven seas policy as they're concerned about corrosion / leakage etc.


In terms of taking them in your luggage, each airline will have it's own policy.


eg: This is Virgin's policy for international flights.


[h=3]All Spare Batteries including Lithium Metal, Lithium Ion Cells or Non-Spillable Batteries[/h]Permitted as carry-on only – Any battery that is not contained within a device must have the terminals insulated to prevent accidental short circuiting such as taping terminals with electrical tape or in its original packaging. For any spare lithium battery that exceeds 100Wh, or any spare non-spillable battery, a maximum of 2 batteries are permitted per guest. Lithium batteries that exceed 160Wh and non-spillable batteries that exceed 12 volts are not permitted for carriage.

Note: Items containing batteries under 100Wh do not need to be declared at check in.

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