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187 visa


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Hi all,



We applied for a 187 visa at the end of June 2013( we applied for our RCB and got approved Dec 2012 and the nomination was applied for Mar 2013 by our then migration agent, still waiting, subsequently this company have gone into liquidation) my question is we have uploaded our pcc and we had our medicals on the 26th September how long does this usally take to show they have been received and could the nomination be granted they same time as the visa.





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Hi Steve,


We started the process September 2012 with the RCB which was approved by December 12, and then the nomination which was submitted in March 13 and we lodged the actual visa at the end on June 13 before the increase in July and on Friday we had our visas granted.


we just went ahead and had our medicals and got our police clearance ourself without waiting for a case officer, the police clearance in August and the medicals the end of September and the 1st time we knew we had a case officer was on the 18th October to say she was considering our application for the nomination and the actual visa itself and we should here something within a month, and then on Tuesday just gone I had an email requesting my current work contract and proof of my earnings and 2 days later visa granted.



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