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any doctors out there?


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Hello.I am a GP planning to move out as soon as visa etc sorted.wondered if there were any medical types with any top tips? thanks jan


Hi janh


There are plenty of nurses on here; not so sure about GPs.


Good luck with the migration process. What visa are you applying for?




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457 i think.planning to escape the NHS!


Well there's lots of advise on here you'll find helpful. If you go for a 457 visa make sure you know what it does and doesn't entitle you to. The 457 visa is a temporary work visa which isn't intended to lead to permanent residency. It's great if your job is in demand, you want to get to Australia quickly and escape the NHS for a few years but if you're wanting to migrate permanently I'd suggest having a look into a permanent resident visa. It will take a little longer to apply and will cost you more money but you won't have a time limit, you'll be entitled to healthcare and, if you have any, your children will be entitled to a free education. I'd suggest running it by a migration agent who will be able to explain all of your options and the ins and outs of the different visas.


Good luck and keep asking questions! They're a friendly, helpful bunch on PP. :wink:



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