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Meet mums daytime with toddlers


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Hey Sarah, I live in Ellenbrook which I don't think is too far from you. I have 2 kids age 19months and 3years. Am free most Tuesday or Wednesday but at the moment can only meet in Ellenbrook due to car sharing with the hubby. If you fancy meeting up let me know there is a local play gym or rainbow water park which are both great for the kids. Vicky

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hi there, we arrived in perth on the 30th jan.. settling in well :) my 4 yr old started school and my husband started work today leaving me and my 2 yr old boy looking for some buddies.. :) x we are living in tapping and haven't got a car at the moment but we are happy to jump on a bus for a play date. x

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Guest swanbo

Hi Sarah, my name is Kate. We (me my partner and little girl) have been here 6 weeks , been having a good time but are feelign a bit lost socially! I am working so i get some adult interaction and my husband has just found work which is a releif, but we really miss doing toddler play dates like back home. Would love to meet up . Our daughter is also 20/21 months. She could really do with some friends for weekend, so could I to be honest!

We live in Mt Hawthron/ Glendalough, were are you?

Look forward to hearing from you, kate

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