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bricklayer looking for advice on vetassess interview


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hi all


going to be booking my interview with vetassess soon. im a bricklayer and I have the list of subjects that will be covered, could do with talking to another bricky that has done this to get an idea of what to expect on the day and how indepth etc each subject will be. help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Dave


I took the Vetassess in September last year it's nothing to worry about make sure you get there before 8am

first thing some basic health and safety questions then you will be given a drawing to build. I had to build a corner which has a rake down then a gate post which is 600 mm away from your corner just make sure you follow the drawing exactly brick bond etc . The guys who do it are really helpfull don't panic I took it London stayed over for 2 nights the second night was a waste should have come home after the exam.have you took your ielts yet?



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hi there

its the interview that im doing mate and i hope i wont need to take the ielts as i have enough points without it( unless theres hold ups and i turn 33 before i lodge and i drop points) did you get the chance to do the interview?



Hi I didn't have an interview I used an agent who collected the prove that I needed to claim 8 years experience this was sent to vettesses stage 1 (£650.00) then you go to the second stage which is the practical exam (£1000.00) then you receive the austrailian qualification which you need to go forward to your EOI


Cheers Mike

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