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Initial Stay for Permanent Move to Perth

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I am a 28 year-old German, who will come to Perth beginning of April on a permanent basis. For the first days/weeks I am looking for an initial stay, from where I can look for a permanent accommodation. If it fits very well I could also imagine to stay longer (but this is not the primary purpose of this initial accommodation). Basically I am looking for a furnished shared flat for approximately 2-4 weeks from 02.04.14 (depending on my progress with the flat search). Preferably, I would like the flat to be somewhat central, but if you have something on offer in a circumference +/- 10 km from the CBD feel free to contact me as well. Budget-wise I would be willing to pay up to 200 $ p.w. all inclusive (rent, bills, and internet). If you only have a couch on offer you can contact me as well and we can discuss it.


As I am currently off-shore, If there are further topics to be clarified we can have a chat via skype.


I know gumtree, but cannot use it as I am not in Australia right now.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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