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carpet fitter/floor layer looking for work in perth...HELP????


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Hi all, im a 26 year old floorlayer in england and am really looking to move out to perth and ply my trade. Firstly can anyone help and give me any pointers?

Iv been working as a floor layer since i left school and now have a little under 10 years experience, the last 5 of which i have been working for a very respectable shop in the south of england (little town called bognor regis if anyone knows it)

I can fit anything from carpets and vinyls to laminates and solid woods, commercial and contract work too!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks alot


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Hi. Me and my partner and our daughter have been here 6 months now where in perth are you looking to move? I did flooring in the uk from the day I left school until I moved here I'm 25. Luckily I got set up with a job in a bottle shop for some temporary work why I find something else and get settled although I do want to do something different I have flooring to fall back on if all else fails I made a few enquired and some places seem quite keen to take English lads on like I say I havnt had a major look into it as I have applied for police force but if that fails think I'll drop back into th flooring game if I can.

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