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Miryam Aubert - AU Pair Australia


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I would like to bring attention to the above company. After a member posted some links to an external site about this company, the above company has threatened this member and harassed them including finding out where their child went to nursery and blackmailing them. For this members sake I have removed the thread. However I find the behaviour of the above company very intimidating and threatening.

This company has also threatened the forum. As you know it is our policy to name any company that threatens the site with legal action. I will not stand for bullying, harassment or threats from anyone.

I apologise to the poor member who is being harassed by this person. It stops now!

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As per our terms and conditions on legal threats and as advised to the member and company above please find a couple of her emails to me, these are the non threatening ones.



Dear team,


i kindly ask you to delete a post by the user lozzachino, at http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/education/12785-au-pairs.html


i had a problem sometime ago with an au pair who made a post about a personal issue i had with her, she never became my au pair, but she posted offending and negative things about me and unfortunately mentioned my business name, which had nothing to do with her, this is now affecting me a lot as my business is involved for a personal issue, she later on calmed down and tried to remove the post at ripoff, the site owners did not let her and all she could do was do offer an appology, the user in this forum lozzachino is spreading this offending material about me and spreading this , i have explained what happened but trully believe is unfair to publish my personal and private life and the worst; involve my business, i kinly ask you to delete her post of the 06 August which as you can see is spreading to other woman and affecting my reputation with negative comments



then after another 5 emails from the same company we received this one yesterday telling us that the emails we received above were from a guy in Canada (even though the IP showed them here) :eek:

Dear Editor of the forum


I completed a form online but was having difficulty sending it

I write you as I have been contacted by a person who is blackmailing me for $5000 or to do online defamation a month ago, I did not accept paying the money and therefore he has done some posts

I have contacted the police and asked them to visit my home and read all the emails sent to me by this person, they opened a report and I can provide you with this as proof, I can provide you as well with all emails sent to me forwarding original source as proof as well, The police contacted him and requested him to delete the posts last week


By reading your post on the forum I realized he was in touch with you trying to delete the posts (as the police requested to him) and he used my name to achieve this, but it was not me at all

This is the first time I contact you and need your help in this please

If you need proof of the open report with the police I can get it for you as well


Yours Sincerely




I advised her we would not do anything without a court order but if she passed her lawyers details on we would pass them on to ours,

then tonight we received this one.



Well in this case, i realize that you enjoy using my name to get attention from visitors as it seems your topics are not as important to get so many views and accusing someone seems to get polemic , well this is still advertising

Bad or good advertising still sends me lots of new visitors as Google Analitics shows me your bad comments about me have only driven more visitors to my website, thanks for the FREE advertising





Obviously I cannot post what I make of the above correspondence this woman at Au Pair Australia has sent but I ask members to always research companies you use.

I heard from a mother about how her daughter went overseas as a nanny and got kicked out on the streets with no money and no where to go.

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