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ISP suggestion in Balga


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Good day everyone

I’m moving to Balga Ave Balga 6061 next month.

I have research quite some time, most people saying Balga isn’t an Internet friendly area.

Having low ping and connecting speed.:confused:


My currently ISP in Queens Park is Telstra BigPond ADSL2+

Download @7.1Mbps

Upload @ 1.08Mbps


Limited@ 2000GB

Monthly @ $130 (include home phone line)


I would like to know which ISP is suitable for my new place.

Daily Usage: Youtube, IOS download, movie streaming, some online gaming,

most importantly “remote office desktop” and “ip-cam security system”

Let me know if you have any suggestions, Thank you :biggrin:

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I'm with Exetel.



Download @ 9.2Mbps

Upload @ 0.8Mbps


Limited@ 500GB (there is an unlimited package for a extra $10)

Monthly @ $60 (include home phone line)


If you go over your monthly allowance, you don't get charged. They reduce your download rate. Furthermore, your uploads don't count towards your limit.



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