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Great opportunity to work on new data project including aspects of business analyst roles, data management, analysis and visualisation.  The team’s culture is supportive & focused on learning.  If you’re interested in those areas and enjoy a role which offers some breadth, I can’t recommend this job enough.    If you're also looking for a change and a role which is actually going to make a difference to people's lives, this could be the right change for you.

The job description goes into a fair amount of detail, but I would recommend this job for anyone who has a background in working with information systems as an administrator, if you don't have a health background or aren't familiar with cancer- I wouldn't let that put you off.  The role will be focused on supporting doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to use an information system to improve how cancer patients are treated.  Details below: closes 7th May. Claisebrooke (East Perth - public transport easy as, literally 2 mins from station).


Disclaimer: I work for the department of health an adjacent team.  I've been in WA for nearly a year now, arrived in 2018.  

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