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Provisional tradesperson Licence

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I'm Joe,  I just made the move over a few months ago from London with my Aussie partner Claire. (Partner Visa)

I'm 26 and I have five years UK Plumbing experience.

I have had my uk qualifications & experience recognised and i'm now able to apply for a Provisional tradespersons licence. 

I've booked onto the 3 week evening 'gap training course'.

So. I understand the last step towards obtaining a full licence is to work under the supervision of a WA qualified Plumber for a period of 12 months. 

I course have been applying for Jobs online and calling recruitment Agencies.

My question is.. Do any of you fine people know anyone who might take me on? ( I would be happy to work for low pay for the 12 month supervision period! ) 

Thank you.

Email: josephgower93@gmail.com

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