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Plumbers theoretical and practical assessment

Guest Ryder

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Hello to all : )



I'm due to take a a theoretic and practical assessment in plumbing, as part of my licencing application, at Tafe, Fremantle/ Perth and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has taken the assessment recently.


I'm a city and guild advanced craft plumber from england with 25 years experience but I'm a worrier! and I'd appreciate any information regarding the specific skills/ questions I'm likely to be tested on. It'd be pretty useful to go there preloaded with some information.


I'm currently waiting for the decision on a prospective marriage visa and I am here on a visitors visa, which allows training.


I've browsed previous and relevant questions, on this and other forums, but some up to date information/ experience would be really handy.



Thanks in advance of any advice and a big hello to all you fellow Brits here ;)




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Hi Dave

I too am a UK gasfitter/Plumber im am sitting my theoretic and practical assessment in plumbing in a month or so.As im living in Kalgoorlie at the moment.

Ill be doing it at MPA Skills where you sitting it ? Sorry dont have any info for you, but would be interesting to here you experience's

Thanks Phil

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Hello Phil,


I took the test a couple a couple of weeks ago at Tafe in Fremantle and it's pretty informal. The instructors there, regular trainers (they were tutoring a class of apprentices as I was at the back with the practical skills tests), are really helpful and understanding of the differences in practice i.e flaring, silver soldering, annealing and using oxy-acetylene ect. and are ready to give advice and guidance.

The test consisted of the completion of four basic skills boards (pre-fabricated pipework templates):


a) Machine bending 15mm Cu tube template which incorporates a couple of bends/ offsets/ cross-overs. No joints and from one prefixed union to another.

b) Spring bending 22mm Cu tube template which incorporates a couple of soldered Tees/ Reducers to 15mm and again to prefixed unions.

c) Gas template in 22mm Cu with 15mm branches all to prefixed stop ends (this template is pressure tested to 7 bar)

d) 3/4" and 1/2" Glavanized tube template which incorporates hand-machine threading/ fittings and a couple of valves (no sealants req.)


All 22mm spring bends are expected to be annealed as are the 'flared' joints in both 22 and 15mm fittings.


So that was the skills test at Tafe although I'm sure the PLB test is generic so it should be pretty much the same story at MPA.


Take it easy

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Hi Ryder


I have just read your post as my OH is a plumber/gas engineer here in the UK. We have been granted our visa & my OH has had is trade as a plumber recognised by Victoria Uni & has been told he will have to do some gap training when we arrive. Do you know if his gap training would be the same as what you have just done?

We have looked up on the WA Government & MPA skills websites but it doesn't really tell you exactly what is involved. If it is the same, how long does it take?


Any info would be a great help.





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Hiya Becky


I'm not sure of the procedure in Victoria but here in W A it's the same across the state. Perhaps the actual hand skills test procedure (practical and theoretical test), in W A, varies between training centres too but I doubt it.


The Practical and Theoretical test above, is done in 1 day. I arrived at Tafe at 7 45 and was all done by 1 30 pm with no pressure. You've got all day to complete and as I mentioned above, it's very informal and you can come and go as you please.


After this, and assuming there are no problems in completion, your licence is granted but it's only provisional on the condition that, within 6 months of the licence being granted, you complete a refresher-training program (about 2 weeks or less and again at cost and maybe this is the only stage your OH needs to complete) to bring you up to spec. on australian practice/ standards ect.


Again, this is all relevant to W A and not sure of any variation in Victoria and all relevant to basic plumbing, gas licencing is a seperate issue.


Take it easy

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It is Perth that we'll be moving to but for some reason it was Victoria Uni that done his assesment!


Thanks for the info....we've been told many conflicting things about his training, our agent told us his training would be just a few days & someone else told us they thought it was 6 weeks!


Our understanding was that once his trade was recognised by WA Government he would have to do gap training for a few days to be able to get his temp license issued then he would have to work for a company who would then assess his practical skills/experience & once that list was ticked off & completed he would be able to apply for his full license...


I don't suppose you have any contacts for plumbing companies do you? We're trying to get some contacts together for when we come over for our visit in a couple of weeks so my OH can maybe drop off some CV's. We've found quite a few on the internet but always found word of mouth recomendations to be better.


Thanks once again...



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No contacts at the moment, Becky, as I've not actively been seeking work (still here on a tourist visa and busy fishing ;) but there are plenty of ads in local papers.


It seems like your OH will just have to do the above skills test and the refresher course and then he'll get his licence. Another point, though, is that this will only allow him to work for other companies, if he wants to start his own business or even be self employed, I believe and again not entirely sure, he'll have to attend another and much more intense course although I don't have the details for this as yet.


Good luck to you both anyways ;)


Take it easy

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Hi Ryder,


Hows life been in perth since your last post? i'm considering doing what you done in regards to a visitor visa and do the training, as like you i will have the spouse visa,


how was your Gap Training course? which i suspect you done,?


I'm a gas engineer to trade with no formal qualifications in plumbing, other than unvented and water regs, but work alot with sinks/baths/toilets etc,

I've spoke to TAFE and the chap said i should pass the Hand Skills test fairly easy then do the Migrant Gap Training along side the G-class gas training for an unrestricted license?


Hello to all the other Brits on here.


Any info would be great thanks



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