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Star Wars crazy!

Guest Lizzy on sea

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Guest Lizzy on sea

Hi all.


My family and I have been in Perth for about 7 months now and we're settling well. We're currently living in Woodvale but we'll be moving to Ellenbrook next year.


It was my sons birthday recently and it's made him feel quite homesick and think about how far from friends and family we are.


He's been finding it hard to fit in, not helped by having to move schools. He absolutely LOVES Star Wars so if you have a Star Wars fanatic let me know if you fancy meeting up. If nothing else, it means I won't have to be Chew Bacca or Obi Wan Konobi anymore!!! :nah:


Cheers. Lizzy.

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Guest robertepierce

How old is your son?


We won't be arriving until March next yr but, my 8 yr old is a huge fan and I'm sure would talk the talk when it comes to Star Wars with anyone!


Hope your son settles soon!



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Guest Lizzy on sea

Hi Rob.


My son is also 8 years old too. He's had to change schools twice and now that he's finally geting settled we have bought a land and house package and will have to move all over again.



When you get yourself settled over here maybe we could meet up. If you need any help with anything give us a shout. We haven't been here that long but we had some awesome contacts which really helped us to find out what's what.


Good luck with your move. Do you know which part of Perth you'll be living in? :smile:

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