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Primary school info needed please in Rockingham area

Guest ceyclaire

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Guest ceyclaire



my hubby n I have been here in beautiful sunny perth for 5 days and we have been lookin at different areas for schools. We originally fancied Mandurah but not sure on schools..


we have narrowed the area down to Rocky area and visited Rockingham Beach Primary basically coz it's close to high school too. What's any1s opinion please?


we keep thinking we've found the area to live but then people advise that the schools r pap so we r gettin so frustrated..





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This website allows to you compare schools in your area against the average or other schools.


My sister is a Primary School teacher in Perth and cautions that these metrics are not always a true reflection of a schools performance as its a snapshot at a moment in time against standardised test and does not incorporate the wider care and support a school can offer.

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if you go to the web site above, look at the graph at the bottom that says results in numbers - if it is red it means the school is below the national average. You can look at previous years and see if it has improved/got worse/ or stayed the same. Bungaree Primary in Rokingham is significantly below the National average across the board, Rockingham Primary is only below average, not significantly. The high school has very poor results. Still, it depends on your child and the support you give at home as well and what Adjutant said above.

The myschool website lets you look at the results of Naplan (like sats) for any school in any suburb.

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