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To Container or not to container .....


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Hi All,


The answer is probably already here somewhere but here is our latest quandry ....


I have looked into shipping costs and companies and they all seem to be about £4,000 for 20ft container


so I looked into packing a container ourselves (getting it dropped of and picked up only) now i know it means a lot of manual labour and a very well organized itinerary (good job mrs jacko has OCD !!!!!) However after getting the original estimate of about £1,000 the company in aus that would be taking the container have said they refuse to handle personnel effects .........


Has anyone else self packed their container if so how did they find it and who did they use ??

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We sort of did it. We packed approx. 50% of the house ourselves, and put it into storage 6 months before we left (to sell the house, uncluttered). Pickfords did the final move for us, and repacked 90% of it. Their reasons were

1) They are insuring against breakages, so they wanted to ensure thingsd were well packed.

2) They check for prohibited items (pressurised containers, and even wicker items), which even after reseach we didnt know.

3) obvious stuff like drugs etc.


As the shipper / receiver then they carry the can if something is found, so they wanted to be as sure as they can that nothing was there that shouldnt have been.


Sorry for the answer but hope that helps.



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