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Anyone else waited over 5 weeks+ for Vetassess practical results??


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Hi all, I know I only posted 2/3 weeks ago asking how long others have waited until receiving Vetasses results, but..... It's now been over 5 weeks for us and status on Vetassess login showing still 'in progress'.


I emailed them yesterday morning but not had a reply as yet. My poor OH is getting really anxious and is thinking the worst wacko.gif


Hoping some of you can tell me that you've waited just as long for a pass result to make me feel better cute.gif



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Whilst not a direct comparison, I have waited 11 weeks and counting for my general Vetessess assessment, so you are not alone! I think on their website it says 8-10 weeks for trades and 10-12 for general. I have seen people getting it quicker, but I guess some do just take that long! I wish they would hurry up though as this waiting is killing me!! I have been told they are very helpful if you get in touch with them, but I have gine through an agent so they wont discuss my case with me, I am sure you will get a response from them soon with some positive news :-)

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Just to let everyknow that my hubbys Skills Assessment Application has been successful we submitted on 19 Feb 2013 and the positive result is being posted out to us and we can now move on the next stage of our Visa!! Yippee!!

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