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  1. Does anyone could provide some details related to theses questions: 1. How to approximately put Civil Engineer with 7 years overseas experience in annual salary range in WA and other AU States??? 2. How much overseas experience is valued by AU Employers?some examples from personal experience ?? 3. Which are exact conditions according to AU standards for being Senior Civil Engineer or Principal??? Thanks in advance??
  2. Hello to everyone, I would like to ask, are anyone of you have experience with gaining eChartered status?? The procedure is explained in detail on EA website, still I am curious about part related to an interview??? How does it looks??? Also, how much someone will really have benefits from gaining chartered status, and becoming Chartered Professional Engineer? Which impact that has on sallary?? oportunity to continue professional development etc?? I am Civil Eng, and as I researched Australian market, many companies seek chartered engineers. Any shared experiece is more than welcome:)
  3. I have got 189 invitation on 2nd Sept, and I lodged visa application. Visa processing time right know between visa 189 and 190 is 3 weeks which is minor. I wanted to apply for 190 only due to processing time difference of 6 months. Well I was curious what will happen in that case. I asked WA Skill Assessment Office and I have got this reply: "You may apply for the subclass 189 visa based on your current invitation or wait until the invitation lapses (after 60 days) and pursue nomination for a subclass 190 visa. The 189 and 190 subclasses are both five year multiple entry Permanent Residency visas with a 60 point pass mark. The 190 subclass attracts an additional five State nomination points, and has the added requirement that visa holders remain in the nominating State for at least the first two years. All applicants must have at least 60 points to qualify for their subclass. A higher points total assists in gaining an invitation for the 189 subclass, but does not help in gaining Western Australian State nomination. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship allocation times for the 189 and 190 visas can be found at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm If you intend to pursue the subclass 189 visa, your application for nomination for the subclass 190 visa will be withdrawn. If you are going to let the subclass 189 visa invitation lapse to pursue nomination for the subclass 190 visa, please resubmit a new EOI and provide the number to Skilled Migration Western Australia so assessment can resume."
  4. Thank you for this info. I have not found anyone on any forum who put light on this issue. Yet, everyone have claimed that time for visa activation starts from the date when medicals or police certificates were issued. It s hard to find out the pattern for the given time for visa activation, as this vary from case to case. What happened in your case???
  5. Could someone help me with this issue...What will happen when I select visa 189 and 190 in my EOI. Further procedure for selecting Visa 190 is clear, but what happen in a case when I select visa 190 and 189 at same time, and next round for invitations are on 2nd Sept??? Would they invite me for 189, and later if I get state sponsorship my 189 application become 190???I am not sure wheater they will consider me for state sponsorhip once when I get invitation for 189???
  6. ACPC200, can I ask you for a favour? Could you please, post the activities with its dates...for instance, EOI submitted on dd/mm/yy... State Spons. invitation recieved on... State sp.application submitted on....visa invitation...case officer etc... Thank you in advance...
  7. Hello to everyone... As I submitt EOI last night, I would like to ask something related to visa choices. If I choose just visa 190, I will have to wait state sponsorship invitation and further process is clear. But if I choose 189 and 190 at the same time, and for instance, next round for visa invitation is on 2nd September, what will happen due to the fact that state sponsorship process will not be finished till Monday??? In that case they will invite me for 189, and later if I get state sponsorship my visa 189 application become visa 190...or...would they send me state sponsorship invitation if I recieved invitation for visa 189 ???
  8. http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/120912%20UPDATED%20state_sponsorship_criteria_2012_2013.pdf So they had not been asked you for any proof of liquid funds...what about others???
  9. First of all, hello to everyone,as I am new member on this forum, which I found during my search process for WA state sponsorship information. ACPC200, thank you for all information posted, it is great to see how people are willing to help and share info, which are of great benefit to all of us who are preparing our application. Anyway, I would like to ask you about WA State sponsorship, as process have changed since 1st July. What about evidence of liquid funds??Do you have to provide it during you State sponsorship process?? After EOI, they sent you invitation, but could you please share which information they have asked you. I am especially curious about proof of liquid funds??? Thank you in advance.
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