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    25yr old girl needing some girl friends!! :D

    Hiya girls, just thought I'd join this thread. I am 27, married with three kids aged 9,5 and 2. Living in ridgewood and really want to meet some people! It's very daunting moving from the UK, leaving a big network of people behind to having no one here! Need to socialise lol so I there's anyone out there that would like to meet sometime with/without kids, or if anyone has kids that would like to meet up etc then my name is Kerri bounds, add on fb, profile pic is me and three kids eating ice cream :-) hope to hear from some of u soon. Thanks x
  2. Hiya, recently moved to ridgewood. I am married, 27 and have three children aged 9, 5 and 2. Anyone that would like to meet up for coffee etc can contact me on here or via fb my name is Kerri bounds and my profile pic is me and three kids eating ice cream :-) x
  3. Hiya, I have recently moved to ridgewood, perth and I have 3 kids aged 9, 5 and 2. Was wondering if there was any other mums near to this area who would like to meet up sometime? :-)
  4. still haven't heard anything from CO since requesting additional docs 30/09... getting frustrated now!
  5. congratulations parimal30! hoping for ours any day now
  6. we used spire and they do only work one day a week as my meds weren't uploaded until following week and i was stressing lol
  7. we have CO since last wednesday and our evisa still says in progress so don't go by what that says lol. They have to manually change it and they don't have to if they choose not to so unless you ring up then you may not realise you have one. hope this helps
  8. we found out today we have our CO since last week....exactly 5 weeks since lodgement :-) agent had email today requesting some tax documents and those have been sent so fingers crossed they were happy with everything else and will grant our visa
  9. congrats!!!!! so pleased for you!!! hope to get ours next week then judging by other timelines
  10. lol, it is a nightmare isn't it?!
  11. keep ringing up your agent to ask if there has been any correspondence for you....that's what i did and agent soon gave in and gave me password lol. plus...he has been on holiday for past 3 weeks so i didn't think i could possibly not have anything to look at etc to do with our visa considering it has taken over my life lol. although, even having the password, not sure what good it is as several people in this forum have pointed out, sometimes nothing gets updated on your log in page etc. grrr this whole process is frustrating
  12. my organise medical link has now gone and says no health examinations needed etc. i think we all worry if mistakes have been made etc. we have an agent and HE made a mistake on ours and i only noticed when he allowed me to have password to log in. he put the valid from and expiry dates wrong of my youngest childs passport. we had to fill out a form to notify DIAC of incorrect dates.
  13. please let us know flatpack! good luck!!!! :-) i rang the london office earlier today and they said that at the moment some 190's are taking up to 10 weeks to get CO and i said well that's not what it states on website so i am going on website not what they told me in london lol :-) our 5 week deadline is up exactly a week after you!
  14. hiya JMG79, I am really sorry but I can't help you as we have an agent who filled out all our forms. hopefully Nikkiwd can help.