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  1. Hi guys, We are getting a new spa delivered in a few weeks time and it needs to be hard wired. Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced electrician who is certified? Many thanks Matt
  2. Nice 1, It gets better!
  3. Thanks for replying guys, Are we Lucky to be living here in this great country?, To be honest NO It's been a lot of hard work, dedication, tears, worry and dancing to whatever tune the piper calls. Do we feel Lucky to be living in this great country? Hell YEAH! We still wake up to the chirps of the Kookaburras in the reserve behind our house and smile at each other.
  4. Well guys, 2nd Nov 2011, 11am walking out into the Perth skyline for the first time. Mouthful of flies and a stomach full of butterflies. This is it! our new start our second change at life. 2nd Nov 2013, 11am Just pulled the top off the Spa, Dogs chilling in the yard, Creek running gently in the background A cold one in a stubby holder. Sitting in our own newly built house with great neighbours to the sides and great wildlife to the back. 2 years on...Was it worth the uplift, worry and money??? OH YEAH every bit of it! OK we've had a few problems along the way, but as you guys know it takes special type of people to pack up and travel half way round the world and start over. Bring on the next 2 years! Matt & Jane
  5. We have a Samsung American side by side fridge from the UK and its been working fine here for nearly 2 years (touch wood)!
  6. From the album good friday

  7. From the album good friday

  8. Hi guys !!! I work at the John forrest Tavern John Forrest National Park Park Rd Glen Forrest,we have about 40ish kangaroos, parrots and some kookaburra you can have a drink or something to eat with them all around you, its a wonderful place kids welcome !!! Jane o ps if you come on a Sunday make sure you come and say hello to me i may have some roo food lol [h=1][/h]
  9. To all fellow POMS in Perth Happy Australia Day! To all you POMS making the move Happy Australia Day for next year! Throw another steak on the barbie!
  10. hi guys that sounds good for me (jane) but matt will be working that day but not a prob !!! i will look forward to it, i will sit in the garden at the side I'll have a pink ish hand bag !!! lol Jane
  11. That sounds great just let us know where and what time? ?? We will be looking forward to it Jane and Matt
  12. Hi guys my hubby and I are nan and grandpa to 7 now! !! but we are out here with out ours and I miss them like mad. I would love to meet up with ppl for coffee / wine lol or and chat! !! I live in the Perth hill if any one over this way