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    Teaching Jobs

    http://search.jobs.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=215 and also check out seek.com.au
  2. poppops

    Contributory parent visa timeline

    could theey not fly to Singapore.. then come back into the country - cheaper
  3. oz rentals were fab def recommend them, they found a rental for us as we were struggling to find somewhere, the process is different for all. It took us some time to find a rental, lots turning up to view properties, agents we slow to get viewings done. Applications should take 2-3 days but one week later they called us, luckly we found somewhere. Make sure you bring all docs with you as you will need lots. Good luck
  4. Renting is very hard and agents are not very fast in letting you look at places. Bring loads of references with you. We were lucky and found a place - still was a struggle but got there in the end as we paid 6mths rent in advance. Don't get put of if you are viewing a property and loads of people turn up, most of the time they are wanting something to do on a Saturday arvo. The only downside of renting is you have to look at the place before you can get an application, very time consuming. Wish you all the best. We have been here since June and Love Halls head, even though this week has been very wet and windy - I have to pinch myself that we are all here
  5. poppops

    Dodo Mobile Broadband

    how did you get an account - we tried to get a account with Telstra as we need a phone and internet but was declined. They told us to come back in 6-8mths and build up a credit history. Not much help really. I have seen they have naked broadband here which is fab but we don't seem to have it in this area.. Its costing a fortune mobiles and dongles
  6. we came her for a reccie, and now I have been offered a job, and are in a mad hunt for a cheap and cheerful rental - not easy also I need to go back to pack up the house, if anyone know of a furnished rental (cheap) for a few mths..yes please ) we love halls head, beautiful down on the estuary. We also love Dawesville so not a hundred per cent sure where we will end up. the wildlife here is amazing, pelicans in the park, dolphins whilst you picnic...
  7. Looks lovely, cant see it not selling. good luck
  8. HI Hope someone can clear my very fuzzy head... We are due to validate next month and have hit a brick wall regarding my teaching qualification. I know need to get my qualifications assessed again by the overseas qualification unit. Now..it states on there that permanent visa holders can get this done.. I have a Skilled migrant visa... please tell me this is the same...part from the travel options..
  9. It was good reading your threads. I too have to do more...what a pain. I am a teacher at a local college teaching childcare to 16yr olds and I need to do another course. I am have come so far and I will not let this stop me.. back to working with children for a few months.. good luck and you will get there
  10. poppops

    Pilbara - any info?

    I would be working at the Tafe in Karratha. I am up for any challenge as some of the students I teach here are well all I will say is no two days are the same!!! I am just worried about the heat.. two young children, hubby is from the med so this is not really an issue.... )
  11. poppops

    Pilbara - any info?

    This is putting me of, no wonder the job offers a lot of extras!! I would be teaching so no chance of flying off!
  12. poppops

    Pilbara - any info?

    Thanks. We would only rent for a short space of time as we want to buy asap. My main concern was the weather... its coming into winter and temps are still pretty high.. if 35 is winter what is summer
  13. poppops

    Pilbara - any info?

    HI Does anyone one have any info on Pilbara? I have just applied for a job but I am wondering if this area will be too remote, its a way from Perth. Are there any airports that we can use instead of coming to Perth then flying back to go to Singapore! Just googled the temps and mid Autumn is 35..wwhhoooo! Anyone got any info on surving this! )
  14. poppops


    We have one and was not told not too take it as it was too much hassle to clean all the mud of it - they would prob look at it at customs