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  1. Good to know someone honest like that. My daughter would need braces but a few years down the road.
  2. Good starting point, I will inquire at the school next week when it re-opens after the holiday. Thanks
  3. May be I am wrong, it looks like a very good deal, but if I scratch deeper I am not convinced. The annual cost is peanuts but it assumes that you see an honest dentist. Call me a cynic, with this policy you would get 40% on all dental costs, but you are obliged to go to their “recommended dentists”. If the real cost is $100 and they jack up to $200 (very easy to do) and give you 40% off, you still end up short changed by $20. As I understand it still incentivises to do unnecessary work. I doubt any busy dentists would join the recommended list as they have to give discount and at no cost to the insurance company. I checked their list, there are 22 dentists between Albany and Alkimos, not sure out of how many. My apologies if I have not read the policy in detail. I am not saying others are any better, not much different. I guess I should not complain because rock is hard and water is wet!
  4. Hi, Can someone recommend some good old fashioned HONEST dentists in Perth? We arrived in Perth recently and our little daughter’s (8 years) temporary filling on her milk teeth has not worked. May be need some procedures or worse a couple need to be extracted. We phoned a few kid dentists and consulted two of them. But all of them portrayed the issue as some tragedy and suggested all sorts of Xrays, hospitalisation and extraction under general anaesthetic, etc. I asked why not extract one by one on the chair. They said they didn’t want to be responsible for a traumatized child!! Probably we grew up in mars! When I heard the quotation for their plan (around $6k, I was told it's only a ball park figure) I understood that the $sign was written all over the plan. We refused and walked out, only to find that our initial consultancy fee had more than doubled to an “extended consultancy”. I am yet to get an insurance, but nowadays there are adverts on telly “join now and claim now”. I am not sure what’s the catch. But my concerns are not just the cost, even if the insurance pays 100% (definitely no) I would not let my dear daughter go through some procedures that are unnecessary and not without risks, but devised just to earn money. May be we cannot mention names on this forum as it would be like promoting, if so please send me a PM. I am in Canning Vale, but willing to drive any distance. Thanks a lot
  5. ozpete

    489 Family Sponsored Visa Grants

    Hi Natalie and James, I am really sorry for not responding to your post as I only saw today. I got my visa grant in March after about 4 months from the on-hold email from CO. I lodged my application in mid September. First challenge is to get invited, after that it is matter of time. I know how frustrating as there is hardly anyone to help you on any of the forums with regard to 489 especially on FS. Apart from 15 invitations, if I am honest with you, they have not invited anyone with 60 since 10 Feb round. According to the last report for 28/4 round they have only invited 70 and 75, not even 65. I cannot think of a reason why someone with 70 or more would apply for 489 given the limitations. http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/reports/report-28-04-2014/ But these results are for 489 family sponsored. Have you tried State Sponsored? Have you got the maximum 20 for IELTS? If not, try so you can apply through 189. Hardly anyone knows about 489 visas in Australia. I had to say that this was the replacement visa for the old 475. In addition there are some difficulties in applying for permanent jobs. In any case don’t despair, there will be new quotas from 1 July and they will give preference to the back log. I am in Perth job hunting for a month now, but not easy. As an accountant I have senior level experience, but recruiters don’t even want to meet me as they have no suitable jobs. But to be fair, I think with the advent of internet their job is challenging. Even those who did meet me are very specific to employers needs, matching sector experiences. I guess they do not believe in transferable skills anymore, especially when they have to pay someone to recruit!! Market is also very tough as the mining boom is coming to an end. I think it is all part of life and good fun as everything is part of a new adventure. That’s why we are here!
  6. ozpete

    489 Family Sponsored Visa Grants

    Hi Derbygirl42, They are still inviting for 489FS, click the link to see the report for 27 January invitation round. But if you have only 60 points you may have to wait a bit longer as after inviting all those who have 65 they invite in the order of EOI submission date. As per the report they have invited those with 60 points up to 15 October. http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/reports/report-27012014/
  7. Has anyone received recently a visa grant for 489 Family Sponsored? Two months ago my CO sent me a limited number of places mail and put my application on hold and I am yet to hear from them. It is very frustrating and confusing as the invitations are still being issued for 489 FS. If there is very limited number left for this year they would not be issuing any invitations at all, not even reduced numbers. So what’s going on? Is there anyone in my situation? Can I switch or re-apply to SS as it has a higher priority without withdrawing the current application? Please help. Thanks
  8. Has any other 489 FS visa applicants received a mail from CO saying that there are limited number of places and put the application on hold? If yes, please share your experiences as I would like to know what this mail means? Does this affect only 489 FS or both, SS as well? As per the latest report there are still lots of places for 489 and for my occupation. So why this message? http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/reports/report-2013-11-4/ CO Mail: “The visa you have applied for is part of the Regional Skilled category. The Migration Program planning level for this category has limited number of places left for the 2013-14 program year. This means processing times may be longer and that once the remaining places are used, the Department cannot grant further visas in this category this program year unless more visa places become available. I cannot advise you whether more visa places will become available in this visa category as planning levels are determined by the Australian Government.” Thanks
  9. ozpete

    489 visa

    Hopeful, I am afraid I don't know anything specific about nursing or 489 state nomination as I am an accountant and applying under family. But only some engineering and IT professions are caught up in the quota system. As nurses are in demand if you submit your EOI, you,d be picked up for invite in the very next round. There are lots of nurses in this forum who can give precise timelines for the visa from their experience.
  10. You would be surprised how much online can be useful. One would get 30 hour free access to IELTS preparation material on British Council web site when you book for the exam. For a small sum you get unlimited access. But I found the following free site more effective and useful in preparing for IELTS than the British council site itself, in case if one is aiming for 7.0 or more. The site is hosted by guy called Dominic Cole and it's unbelievable, it's free and no adverts. Probably it's his passion!! http://www.dcielts.com/ Good luck
  11. ozpete

    489 visa

    Hi Hopeful, check the following link for a summary of invite on 21 Oct 2013. There is no summary yet on the last one on 4 Nov and there will be another round on 18 Nov. You could get the invite within 24 hours if you submit you EOI just before the invitation round. Obviously it would also depend on your points score, your profession and the State nomination target and criteria. I submitted for 489 family sponsored (not dependent on state selection criteria) and got the invite within 24 hours. Now I have to get all my documents ready to apply! http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/reports/report-2013-10-21/ Good luck