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  1. Thats not exactly true it depends on which visa you get sponsored for. If you go for a 457 it's true as it does not give you PR status and rights but a direct entry PR sponsored visa does, that's what I got it's a 186 or you can get a187 if you want regional but this ties you to regional areas of Australia. With the visa we have we have all the rights of a PR. Main issue at the moment for securing healthcare jobs is there is a freeze on all government agency recruitment. So there's no jobs available unless you are already working in a government agency. Freeze is on till end of June.
  2. Hi what area of nursing is your degree in? Yeah firstly look at points, then if you are going for a skilled visa and have enough points you will need to look at the variety of nursing areas that fits your qualification and/ or experience. I say closest as I am general trained many moons ago but have worked in mental health since 1993 and have a MSC in Advanced Nursung (eating disorders) and Anmac classified me as a mental health nurse!! You can't apply for Anmac till you ve got your ielts and yes you ll need to do the academic. its all doable, I did mine and had a PR visa through a sponsored job all within 6 months, so it's a headache whilst you are in it but all very worthwhile. Have to say I couldn't have done it without the help of this forum, got some great advice so keep posting all your questions.
  3. Drink? Not you Deb surely?
  4. Hi @Bouncy I don't actually work for Ramsay I work for WA health department but we are based at peel in ramsays building- you looking at the child health dept then? CAMHS or Cahs as more widely known are great, we're connected PMH which will move to the new children's hospital- lots of opportunities I would imagine- are you particularly looking at Peel region? Keeping my fingers crossed for you hope something turns up, if I see anything I ll PM you. I was also sponsored by them for direct entry PR on a 186 so v lucky. Good luck x
  5. Hi @Lou There's the new one at lakelands just opened it ll be interesting to see the impact of that one
  6. I'm a nurse by background @Bouncy but work there as the Camhs service manager, saw the job on seek in sept 2013, applied, phone interview and now we're here! You got a job offer? Which aspect of nursing?
  7. Matt&beck we're in Lakelands son started at Freddie's last term and can bike or bus to school, my biggest worry was him keeping up the academic achievements he had in the Uk, very early days I know but so far impressed with Freddie's strict but don't think that's a bad thing, son feels it's better than his Uk school and that was a fantastic school. He's settled in very quickly got lots of friends brought home a certificate of excellence yesterday for his report last term, have been led to believe its a very academic school and therefore can be difficult to get in, we didn't have any problems or wait at all, booked a meeting and offered a place there and then. Son in year 10 fees this year will be around $8000 with school camps and outdoor ed activities.
  8. Hi bouncy think give me a break has said it all really! we're in Lakelands been here 4 months and love it. Very quiet but good proximity to places- beach is a 20 min walk if you want to go to old Madora bay, or a few mins drive to the new surf club- great cafe there! Son goes to Freddie's and settled really well, I also work at peel health campus and cycle when it's not too hot- only a 10km bike ride now I have worked out the shortcuts! hubby works nearer the City. Can bike into Mandurah or beyond! lovely coastal rides. Only thing is buses not great don't run after 6pm actually in Lakelands but more frequently if you walk closer to the main road. 10 mins from Mandurah st by car, been told the train st at Lakelands is a long way off but quoted as 'coming soon' by developers! We would consider buying here when we are ready to as so good for school and work! On another note what will you be doing at the health campus?
  9. Hubby a UK qualified driving instructor with his own business for 25 yrs, now having to fully re qualify in Perth, thankfully we didn't come on his qual. Have seen on CSOL though but sorry not a clue what you'd need to do/ prove, I think an agents advice would be useful with this one. Good luck
  10. Love it but so predictable now
  11. Welcome to Mandurah, now you ll realise why all that hard work to get here was worth it!! Enjoy
  12. Good luck Rob hope its a great success!
  13. What a lovely post to read, I have a 15, 25 and 27 yr olds so not in the same age groups but I hope he finds some connections soon, where is he living?
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