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  1. rob1790

    Work for plumbers

    Thanks westhamfan for the info,are you a plumber and how do you find the construction trade as a whole compared to uk?
  2. rob1790

    Work for plumbers

    Thanks guys for the replies,very informative..Think we are going to press ahead with visa application and see where it takes us. Thanks verystormy,i have looked into college courses etc and know it costs fair bit of dollar but hopefully worth it,and yeah i got the impression that id be the apprentice again.As for kids glued to computer screens and the like yeah i get that but better weather and more of an outdoors culture its what we like as a family,kids only glue themselves to tv etc if parents allow them to,we try to be outdoors as much as possible. Thanks again guys..
  3. rob1790

    Work for plumbers

    Hi all,hope your all well.. Quick question for you all,hows the construction trade at the moment in perth?im a plumber in the uk and i know that ill need to re sit exams etc in perth but am torn between actually going ahead with visa and making the move and staying here in uk,im told work is very thin in perth and even more difficult as id be new to australia with no wa experience,been wanting this for 15 years but dont know if i can give up my business here which is good to risk not even getting work and blowing all our money,i have a family young daughter and always said id have loved to have grown up in oz so thought when i had kids id give it a go.Im really struggling with the decision. Any feedback would be great,positive or negative. thanks.
  4. rob1790

    Work Worries!!

    Hi everyone, Can i ask is work really that hard to find in perth at the moment?im going through the visa process at the mo and am starting to worry about finding a job that can financially keep myself and family(fiancee and 3 year old probably 4 by the time we arrive). I have never been out of work before so am finding all the stories of lack of work a real worry,i am a self employed plumber here in the uk and we do ok but its been a life long dream to move to aus,i know i need to go through a lot of re training when we arrive but im hoping it will be worth it.. Can anyone shed any light on the current and forecast work situations?Is perth in a recession or has the mining hammered perth as a whole? Any info would be great. Thanks poms in perth x
  5. rob1790

    Plumber taking the plunge...

    Hi mate, Thanks for that made me feel a lot better,we have decided to wait till October before starting visa as I'm not gas registered yet and have been advised by other plumbers that it would be better to get it here,less training in oz,any thoughts? I have worked with gas for 15yrs+ just never actually registered myself always with other gas safe engineers. Cheers.
  6. rob1790

    How long before the WA economy picks up?

    Hi steven, thanks for the reply,very interesting and you have confirmed just about everything i had thought and heard. I think i will go ahead with gas safe exams this year then,i have been working with gas appliances for last 15 yrs along side corgi/gas safe technicians so hoping to pass ok,thanks for the info mate,might need to pick your brains again sometime in the near future. How are you liking the oz adventure?i spent 1999/2000 traveling east coast and have been trying to convince missus for last 9yrs to give it a go,finally we are about to start our very own adventure,cant wait..cheers again.
  7. rob1790

    Newbies waiting for assessment results.

    Hi, yeah we are using go matilda,ive not really done anything yet apart from started to get some work referances together from customers, previous employers and builders etc i sub contract to,i am self employed plumber have been for 10yrs, been plumber for last 20 yrs though,i currently only have level 2 plumbing but have done gas safe training and hopefully do exam later this year. Agent thinks with my work history i should have no problems,are you main applicant?
  8. rob1790

    How long before the WA economy picks up?

    Hi steven, im a plumber who is looking at moving late next year,so this post gives me a boost as ive also been hearing about the lack of jobs etc. ive been self-employed for last 10 years but im not gas safe registered,i have completed gas safe training but not taken exam due to needing funds for the visas etc,would you say that i should do exam or wait till i arrive there,any advice would be great.. Good to hear its all going well for a fellow plumber. Rob.
  9. rob1790

    Newbies waiting for assessment results.

    Hi paul I am at the very early stages too,just getting work evidence together along with referances etc.We are hoping to make the move late 2016 if possible. Exciting times ahead... Rob,emma and ellorah..
  10. Hi all, well,myself my better half and 2yr old daughter have finally decided to take the plunge and move down under.. i have been a member of this forum for quite sometime and love all the updates on recent arrivals etc,makes for good reading and the advice is second to none,thanks in advance.We are in the very early stages of the process and using go matilda as our agents,i am a plumber by trade,which leads me into my first question for any plumbers that have done the vetasses exam,are there any of us that are not gas registered or roof plumbers as the exam sheet states that one of these is necessary?I have completed my gas training but didnt take final exams due to cost etc,are there any general plumbers who have taken exam and passed?I have been self employed for 11yrs and plumbing for around 20yrs,any advice would be greatful.. Thanks pips.