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  1. Advice on transporting our dog please

    It is indeed. I didn't know that but 10 days doesn't seem too bad. Do you know how long the quarantine is at our end? Many thanks x
  2. Advice on transporting our dog please

    Thank you will look into that x
  3. Advice on transporting our dog please

    Hi everyone, Well, this is an area I have been avoiding due to the crazy amount of research and paperwork already done. Also because I can't face the thought of it all for our dog. Anyway, we are set to arrive in January and my mum is looking after our dog until we hopefully secure permanent Jobs and know that we will be staying in Perth. Any advice on best companies to use and procedures, costs etc would be much appreciated. I'm not getting very far myself online. He is an 8 year old beautiful pedigree whippet in tip top condition. Thanks again Jacqui x
  4. Rental advice

    Thanks for the replies. I have contacted the local schools and they only require 3 months. X
  5. Rental advice

    Hi, We are getting set to move to Perth but we are arriving with no jobs. Husband going out first to try and secure a rental for 6 months then kids and I will join. Has anyone had difficulty securing a lease without a job? We can put down 6 months upfront but we will have to seek jobs on arrival. Thanks for the advice J x
  6. Suburb advise for young family

    Hi, we activated our visas in July there. It was a great time to visit ad no heat to battle with. We have PR so can stay anywhere but we like north too. It is quiet and scenic. I don't mind travelling to start with. We have made many sacrifices to get to Perth so some more in the starting out stages won't make a difference. Great to hear stories of those of you who are already there and enjoying it. We can't wait to come over for good. X
  7. Suburb advise for young family

    Hi Paul, We are a young family living in Broughty ferry and emigrating at the end of this year. We are in same position just trying to decide where to settle. I'm a teacher so can really work anywhere but we want a nice area that we can settle in for our wee boy starting kindy. We liked north and loved alkimos. It is a new developing suburb but pretty far out but stunning. We can't wait to go but still saving to have a substantial start. Good luck and let me know how you settle from your fellow Dundonians haha
  8. aphra and ielets

    There are really good tutorials on youtube by people who got full marks. I used these as a study guide and found them helpful.
  9. aphra and ielets

    Yes, you will need to for the points. Ielts is easy though. Loads of hints and tips online. Go for it!!
  10. Primary Teacher planning move

    Hi everyone, Thank you all so much for your advice. I will now get registered with TRBWA. Your advice re applications is brilliant. Thank you xx
  11. Primary Teacher planning move

    Hello all, What a great site! It is great to share and help and I hope to be able to do the same one day soon Well, our story is that we have PR and have visited Perth (loved it) and we are now at the planning stage and hope to emigrate within the next 12 - 18 months. As I am a Teacher I am obviously OBSESSED with planning and information so as much Info/advice as possible would be much appreciated. We like North Perth and visited Alkimos, Clarkson, Butler areas and fancy settling there. Any advice on the best place to settle for work? We have a young child who will be 4 when we arrive so we are also mindful to try and pick an area where we want to settle for him. I am happy (willing more like) to commute up to an hour for work. Also, what is the best way of going about getting work as a PS Teacher? I am very experienced and love my job. I am looking at registering with WACOT and plan to apply for the fixed term pool and will just try and get supply when we arrive. Has anyone been able to secure a job before arriving? That would be amazing! Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my post. First one of many I imagine haha. School lunch hour about to end so I better get back to work Cheers, Jacqui, Dundee, Scotland :laugh: