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  1. louloubelle

    Teenage boys tapping area

    Hi @Amanda we are also in tapping and I know what you mean you don’t see kids playing out like you did back in the uk. Saying that my daughter is 12 and I never see her, always out with her School friends, maybe it’s different for girls. My 10 year old son will often spend time with his friends at the local park or in each other’s houses in the pool/trampoline, again maybe different due tho their ages. Also we are well engaged with sporting activities, running club etc
  2. louloubelle

    18 months in and things going well

    So good to read your post, I moved here just a couple of months before you @Jen and remember all the pre moving posts, advice, support, worry etc so to hear how well you have settled is awesome. We will be having our 2 year anniversary in Oct and wouldn’t chance a thing. We have a beautiful house, both have 2 good jobs, kids settled into school, made some fab friends and of course the weather. Love hearing the positive stories
  3. louloubelle

    what are you doing at this moment

    Hi all i havent posted in agea since moving to OZ. Im just all rugged up enjoying the storm outside whilst watching Britains got Tallent ?
  4. louloubelle

    4 months in, our story so far...

    What a lovely read @jen78 it is a very similar experience to my move which has been a fantastic experience so far. i agree that having the jobs makes it easier but throwing yourself into the social life and getting invoked is so important and really makes a difference. We have such a great social life through our sons soccer and other sporting activities and we do so much more as a family. Keep us updated on the next 6 months Maybe catch you at the next meet up ?
  5. louloubelle

    So, this is where we are now ....

    Sorry to hear it didn't work out and hope you settle quickly back in the uk. I remember going through the whole visa and moving process at the same time as you so sad to hear you have gone back. Who knows what the future holds good luck ?
  6. louloubelle

    Almost a year in

    It was it was just going into wanneroo central, yes I was with the gang, its tricky when people have their sunnies on to recognise them. Will definitely say hi next time ?
  7. louloubelle

    Almost a year in

    Good luck with the move, it's a really exciting time
  8. louloubelle

    Almost a year in

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring I saw you yesterday @ktg but I don't think you saw me ?
  9. louloubelle

    Almost a year in

    Well its been some time since I've visited the site, lovely to see some familiar names still cropping up who really helped me during the moving process. So how is life down under treating us, here goes So myself, my husband and 2 children arrived in October 2016, we initially stayed with our in-laws which was a massive help for us until we settled into work and found a place of our own. I pretty much started work 2 weeks after arriving, my husband got a FIFO job in Jan for 4 months which was tough but really helped us initially. During this time we looked the kids settled really well into school, we started socialising with the kids out of school activities, especially our sons soccer team which has been great for us. I have since changed jobs to one I can see myself in long term and fits nicely around the kids and school and is very local. We have bought our first home which is more than we could ever have imagined, we have also got a new edition to the family our lovely cat! My husband has also found a job locally which he is happy in and we have just enrolled our eldest daughter in high school. We are so busy all the time, outdoors, going places, exploring, meeting people. I can't say that I have missed home much rather the people, especially significant times eg xmas, birthdays, family gatherings but family are coming to spend xmas with us and I cant wait. We do so much more together as a family than we did in the UK and having our fist Ozzie holiday down to Margaret River next month. I feel so lucky every morning to live in such a beautiful country and have met some wonderful people along the way. We definitely don't have any regrets
  10. louloubelle

    Bites already!

    Them beasties are definitely out and about, although they don't get me, I'm very lucky my poor children get eaten alive. Only yesterday my daughter had a huge bit and her ankle swelled and was very painful, much better today. I went to the pharmacy got some anti histamines and some antiseptic cream. She was telling me that products with DEET in are becoming quite resistant and not as effective anymore.
  11. louloubelle

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Hi @Ktee please could I add 4 more people, Scott, Carla and 2 children thanks
  12. louloubelle

    Transferring money

    Thanks @elfie, I've been in touch with Jonathan so fingers crossed I can get it sorted. It's just freaking me out transferring it to someone else's account before it comes back to mine lol
  13. louloubelle

    Transferring money

    I need to transfer quite a large amount of money from my uk bank account to my Oz bank account ASAP, what is the quickest, cheapest and hassle free way to do this? thanks
  14. louloubelle

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    I will come along with my 2 kids
  15. louloubelle

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    I could always just meet you a park in tapping @ktg?