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  1. Teachers!-TRBWA

    Hi @benj1980. I had a similar issue last year. I've dug up one of my old posts from last September So I called the TRBWA on Monday morning to get a definitive answer on who can certify my documents in the UK. They said there have been some very recent changes on this. I asked if a Deputy Head teacher or Justice of the Peace can do this and they said no. They sent me the following in an email. Please note that the ONLY persons authorized to certify your documents, whilst you are overseas, are as follows: Australian Consular Officer or Australian Diplomatic Officer (within the meaning of the Consular Fees Act 1955) Employee of the Australian Trade Commission who is: (a) in a country or place outside Australia; and (b) authorised under paragraph 3 (d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955; and © exercising his or her function in that place Employee of the Commonwealth who is: (a) in a country or place outside Australia; and (b) authorised under paragraph 3 © of the Consular Fees Act 1955; and © exercising his or her function in that place I didn't really understand who these people were apart from the Consular Officer. Anyway I have used a Consular Officer at the Australian Embassy in London. I sent my docs special delivery on Monday and received my originals and certified docs back on Wednesday. It was a really efficient service. I’ve sent my application to the TRBWA now so fingers crossed all will be ok. My advice to any teachers reading this who want to get registered is to call the TRBWA to get the very latest on who can certify documents from overseas as their website isn’t very clear. If you are already in Australia the list on the website should be fine. this is the link to the notarial section of embassy website http://uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/cons111.html cheers
  2. Scarborough to Subiaco commute?

    Yeah found it on realestate.com.au. Viewing is a bit different here as they have set inspections times to see the property and there are usually a few other people looking as well which was a bit weird. Mount hawthorn isn't the cheapest of areas but we loved the villagey type feel of the place. I'm going to cycle to work too so won't spend anything on commuting apart from having to buy a bike!
  3. Scarborough to Subiaco commute?

    All good so far. Nearly 4 weeks in. Got a rental sorted out last Friday in Mount Hawthorn not too far from where we are now. Really like the area and seems like a good place for kids plus it's close to the city. Can't wait to get all our stuff. Not long for you now!
  4. Scarborough to Subiaco commute?

    Hey @cutchibear. We've been to the Scarborough beach market the last couple of Saturday's and it took us just under 15 mins to get there from our short term place in Glendalough. Subiaco is less than 10 mins from us. You'd probably drive down the coast and past Wembley golf course to get to Subi from Scarborough. Not sure what the traffic would be like on a weekday morning though. I'm sure it won't be too bad.
  5. Help! Need friends!!

    Been offline for a while. Sorry I missed this. Hope your move back works out well.
  6. Nearly two weeks in

    yeah in the CBD. Only 3 days in but quite enjoying the change so far. I'm sure you will be fine. At least you know you have a job. It takes the pressure off. My wife is pleased she can take her time looking for work now.
  7. Nearly two weeks in

    Oh, one other thing. The flight over wasn't as bad as expected. We flew Etihad from Manchester. Both kids slept a bit on the first leg and then slept for 9 hours on the second! It wasn't too busy so they had a few seats to themselves. I even had time to watch 3 films!
  8. Nearly two weeks in

    Thanks everyone. A meet up sounds like a good plan.
  9. Nearly two weeks in

    Fingers crossed for you @JasonM
  10. Nearly two weeks in

    I can't believe it either. Good timing with the job. I'd set up a meeting with a previous employer and luckily a role came up just after I arrived. It's an account management/business development role for a business travel company. Teaching is on the back burner for now. Kingsley is lovely. My wife viewed a house today, it was nice but don't want to go for first house we have seen in Oz. We have our short term rental until first week of July so no rush. See you in July!
  11. Nearly two weeks in

    Cheers @LoopyLauren. It's great we have kids the same age. See you in September!
  12. Nearly two weeks in

    Hello all, Well we've nearly been in Perth two weeks but it feels a lot longer as so much has happened. Sorted out all the admin stuff such as Medicare and banking but most importantly I've managed to get a job. At least we won't go bankrupt now! We are in a short term rental near Lake Monger. The surrounding suburbs are great but we'll probably end up a little further out. We spent the weekend driving around a few suburbs, we really liked Kingsley. My wife is going to see a house there tomorrow. The kids are loving it so far, they are only 3 1/2 and 18 months so to be honest they love it anywhere. If anyone fancies meeting up just let me know. I'm around at weekends but my wife is not going to be working for a bit so is free during the week. I'm going to get her to come on here to say hello. cheers Dave
  13. Help! Need friends!!

    We arrive on the 6th May and would be up for a meet up on th 24th.
  14. MoveCube Dummies thread!

    Well done @cutchibear. Great photos, I wish we had done that. Too late now but we didn't put any medicine in the cube so I'm not sure what you had to do there. I got an email today to say my large cube has been shipped to Melbourne and due to arrive on 6th June before going on to Perth. It's 4 weeks today since it left our house.
  15. Packing for the movecube!

    Hi @cutchibear. Do all your paperwork the night before especially the inventory. I crossed out anything that didn't fit in. Easier than remembering what's gone in. Also make sure you have a copy of your passport and visa for the paperwork, I'd already packed my printer when I realised this. Heavy stuff should go in the middle and mattresses around the side for padding. If you are taking your TV and have the box provided by sevenseas put some cushions and pillows in with it.