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  1. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Hi all! not been on here in ages...far too busy with my wonderful job, gorgeous family and enjoying WA life! But wanted to touch base... all is is great here...almost 6 months in and I can honestly say we've not felt homesick....everything feels natural! I think my job has played a major factor in helping me settle quickly...I love it and my colleagues are amazing. I feel very lucky! we love our rental in Edgewater, our little boy loves day care and we've already made some fabulous friends. Our social lives are so much busier than in the UK - we just want to be out all the time exploring! It it certainly doesn't feel like xmas with this heat but we are very excited about our first Aussie Christmas Day! Hopefully i I can get on here a bit more often now and help out others yet to move like others helped us! merry xmas!
  2. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Get in touch @Wazzles @JasonM and we can meet up!
  3. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Morning @Sharyn10 Yes we used vacuum packs but to be honest they were all letting air in by the time we came to pack them in our cube! We ended up moulding them into the spaces left and vacuuming the air out once they were in place for one final time...otherwise they wouldn't have fit. I can let you know the end result on them when we get our stuff in a few weeks We are currently in a lovely short term rental in kingsley but not sorted our next rental out yet...lots available but I'm being too picky! Day of open house viewings today! Laura
  4. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Ps. @Jack Bauer we need Centrelink for child care rebates Thanks @johickey where abouts do you live? We should meet up! X
  5. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Update....so enjoying a few glasses of wine after my first working week in WA. It went brilliantly and I feel so lucky to be joining the Ronald McDonald House Perth team. Anyone looking to do some volunteering in Perth...contact me off to Sydney next week for two nights for my orientation at Head Office...pretty surreal. Picked up our car today and I've even had a drive...love it. Viewed more houses but still none that are right. Finding either the house great but no garden or vice versa. Any recommendations on suburbs to check out would be most welcomed. Went to Edgewater today which is gorgeous...but perhaps a little far out for my job...I could be tempted if found the right rental. Tomorrow we are going for breakfast with PP friends at a winery...can't wait. The weather is great....bit of rain earlier this week but so lovely for Winter. Still feeling super at ease and in love with WA. Xx
  6. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    See you soon @LoopyLauren ! X
  7. cutchibear

    Furniture Package - $2,250

    Great Cheryl - could you send me pics of the tv unit and white goods initially?
  8. cutchibear

    Furniture Package - $2,250

    Where abouts are you @CKD? We have just arrived and could be interested in some items?
  9. cutchibear

    The Smiths have landed!

    Hi all, I can't actually believe it's my turn to be writing one of these posts after months of following others. But I wanted to share our journey so far with you. We flew from Manchester on Tuesday with Singapore Airlines and we couldn't fault them. We turned up at check in knowing we were over our baggage allowance (11kg according to them) - we blagged it a little and were charged nothing we also had a stupid amount of hand luggage but that too went unnoticed. Flight was great, we had the front seats due to our toddler so plenty of leg room. Perhaps the food wasn't as good as Emirates but the staff were exceptional, always coming to speak to our son and attending to every need. We are staying at a short term rental in Kingsley which is ideal for us and not far at all for all the errands. The host Ruth is fantastic - happy to share her details if anyone is interested. Yesterday (first day) we headed to my work first for an hour for me to say hello to the team before starting on Monday, and then headed to the CBD. We activated our accounts at NAB on Murray Street - can not recommend Yvonne enough who looked after us there. She was incredibly friendly answering all of our questions and even those non bank related! So far, banking seems very easy! From there we went to Medicare and handed over our forms (I recommend completing beforehand, speeds things along). Unfortunately being newbies we couldn't register with Centrelink there and have to go to an official office so need to suss that bit out. In the afternoon we got our new phones and contacts sorted. Today we got our car at John Hughes - again incredibly nice guy Tam did us a fab deal and we've got a gorgeous car to pick up next week! Then it was sorting child car seat at Toys R Us and our first visit to Spudshed. Now relaxing with wine in our place whilst the hubby preps a curry! No homesickness as yet, really enjoying getting out and about and we can't get over how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to find places....albeit we haven't travelled in rush hour as yet! We feel quite relaxed and taking things in our stride. We understand now that it does get cold in an evening and we are thankful for the heaters! But it was glorious today and I was warm in my jeans and top! Tomorrow we are viewing a couple of houses so that should be exciting. Will update again soon! Laura x
  10. cutchibear

    Winters day at Jindalee

    Looks amazing @Keefo! We will be there in a few days....eek!
  11. cutchibear

    House egged

    Well said @Arwen ! I do feel some people are always quite negative on here to put us newbies off we leave in two weeks too @Jack Bauer
  12. cutchibear

    I know no one will care but ......

    Thanks @Ashlenelouise will keep you posted and let us know when you're flight is booked!
  13. cutchibear

    Lots for sale by 19/6/15

    Hope it all works out for you! x
  14. cutchibear

    Lots for sale by 19/6/15

    Thanks for the advice re areas and warm clothes! Jeans, cardigans, coats, boots still being used here so will be in the suitcase Are you heading straight back to the UK?
  15. cutchibear

    Lots for sale by 19/6/15

    That's great for you @hibster76 ! Not 100% until we get there and see the suburbs first hand although there are a number of rentals Scarborough/innaloo/glendalough areas that look lovely and would be handy with my work, and not too far away! Getting very excited now!