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    White card for construction

    You will have tp pay upfront yourself. I used http://aveling.com.au/safety-courses/white-card-wa-construction-course-online.htm?utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=White%2BCard you can do it online and collect your card when you get here, it very basic and at $65 it's worth paying, you wont get anything without it.
  2. Hi we are breaking our lease and our rental 4/2 will be available from 6th May. $416 per week pets considered (we have a german shepheard), 2 min walk to Comet Bay PS and 10min walk to Comet bay College. PM me if you need any further info.
  3. Been much the same for me, had 1 interview got asked back for second interview and then heard nothing. Been here for 8 weeks and been told that without a degree I will have no chance of getting a pm role even though I have 16 years experience (4 as a construction director). The sun is great but the ozzies are blinkered, they would rather have a pm with limited experience with a degree than one with a wealth of experience. Not the land of opportunity some people think.
  4. derham

    help, just moved.

    We arrived about 4 weeks ago and we move into our perm rental on Friday. We wanted something around currambine but couldn't get a good rental that took pets. As we have 2 kids (15&22) schools were important and comet bay came highly rated so we settled on secret harbour but we do think it is a bit far from Perth. We r aiming to build and we will move to an area that ticks all the boxes. U need to accept that a move this big Will take time before u get settled. Unless u get lucky
  5. derham

    Site manager work with the big companys

    enjoying the great weather.
  6. derham

    Site manager work with the big companys

    I am a joiner to trade. Became gf in 96, sm in 98, pm in 2000, cm in 2004, c director in 2006, ran single projects to £10m and was a senior sm on the biggest o&g project in Europe (civils & commercial projects) and still can't get anything here, I was offered a cm role before I came here, should have taken it.
  7. derham

    Site manager work with the big companys

    I've been here for four weeks and not managed to get a single interview. I've got a foremans job arranged for a 5 week period on $40 an hour. I've got a good cv and worked at a senior level but it seems it goes for nothing here. Spent nearly £30k to get here and I am earning less money than I was on in the UK. Didn't expect to walk into a top job but a temp role I was doing 15 years ago was not what I was expecting.
  8. We are still looking and we are family of 5 (wife, 2 boys and a dog), as we have kids at school we need to be within a catchment area of certain schools (atwell, comet bay and mindarie to name a few), our oldest will be sitting his WACE this year so we can't afford to move him too much. We are considering a private school to give us flexiblity. Any good 4 bed homes in Baldivis or secret harbour would be great.
  9. Hi Anyone aware of a 4+2 in Secret Harbour or Atwell coming up for rent in the near future (that can take pets), any break lease would be great, if anyone is aware please PM me.
  10. we've been here for nearly 3 weeks and with a dog ad 2 kids it is proving impossible, we can pay up to $800 a week but as I don't have a job yet they are not interested, I've even said w will pay 6 months up front but still not interested. Went to see 4 today, first was a dump and the other three had been leased. Starting to think this move was a bad idea :-(((
  11. derham

    White card for construction

    Hi all, I am moving out in September do you need a white card for management roles?
  12. derham

    I know no one will care but ......

    Big count has started, 45 days until the big move. Worrying and exciting times.
  13. derham

    Where are all the Scots?

    Hi, No we are going out in September and keepers fingers crossed I'll get a decent role when i move out.
  14. derham

    Where are all the Scots?

    Hope there's still a team avater to use in the future!