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  1. That's a big chop
  2. I think it's called white out
  3. Dropped the boy off at school for a 6am start (yes it's Sunday), he's off to Shark Bay sailing and camping for a week as part of his outdoor ed. class. I don't envy him the 10 hour bus ride and the only bit he's not looking forward to it having to keep awake during the night for his 'shift' at boat watch. I do like the different opportunities that he's had here at school.
  4. I'm hoping there are some jobs at the end of the year as my daughter is due to qualify.
  5. I don't think you need to apologise for being a realist - your post isn't negative or coming across that you're trying to put people off.
  6. The 457 aside as we came on an independent PR visa - our quality of life is excellent here (we had a good one in the UK too), but as I've said in previous posts the one thing that we feel we've benefited from as a family is the amount of time we've spent together here in Aus and the quality of that was an improvement from the UK. We have a feeling of contentment here that we'd not had previously and for us the move has been worth it. My daughter (now 22) says that she was glad to have had her teenage years here in Aus. We arrived in WA, with two children 7, 11 a cat and about 7 suitcases. Like you we'd sold our house and knew no-one in WA, so also had no support network or friends. We haven't looked back and for us the move has been worth it. We both took a step back in roles in our jobs and a pay initially, as sometimes you have to step back to move forwards and get your foot in a door. Remember to be realistic, it takes time to establish friendships, that's what I missed in the early days - but now have a fantastic group of friends who have become our surrogate family. I think you're right to be nervous - it's a massive move and the recent changes for 457's with some jobs not being able to progress to PR is a fraught one. Having said that, if your hubby's job is one that can progress to PR, then it's something that lost of people have managed to do. Have a look at coles and woolworths on line shopping - it will give you an idea of costs for food. I'm not sure how much school fees are for the 457 visa holders, and there are additional school costs for books etc.,
  7. It was very easy to open an account from the UK (we used Westpac) - just did it by phone. Call into your Westpac branch and ask them about transferring an account if your happy with them, alternatively, just give them a ring here.
  8. Hi Chelsea, I can't answer you're question specifically - but hope someone can be able to assist. I wonder if the problem is because your practise was 4 years ago and not recent why they require further evidence. What visa were you on last time?
  9. My hubby's interview and they asked "do you know where we're located" and he said Malaga (as he would in the UK), as which they laughed and said Malarga
  10. They usually offer a payment plan and I think you will have to pay even if they just tighten them
  11. I have heard that some orthodontists won't oat fir them tightened (like giving a guarantee for someone else's work). My daughters braces were $4,000 (we didn't have insurance but the orthodontists continued to see her for check ups until she was 18 (she was 12 when she had them) without further cost.
  12. Might not be your cup of tea as it's an older suburb but a mixed population young and old. It has good schools and a good community feel (I think), I know families like us that have rented and stayed in the area, others who left and returned and some who are still trying to get back lol. There are some newer houses springing up as people buy and rebuild. Houses haven't dropped too much in the suburb and the older houses tend to be on bigger blocks - we have a good sized garden, pool and two covered outdoor eating/sitting areas. Some of the newer builds may be smaller plot size as they seem to be building two houses on one plot of land. Leeming is also in a great location, near the Mandurah - Perth train line (Murdoch station), You're near to the city and near to the beaches/Freo. The surrounding suburbs are alos nice - I find the newer parts of Canning Vale with the new builds a bit packed - but they are newer houses and something you might like.
  13. I love Albany, but personally, would find it a little too quiet for me. Where is your job offer in Perth? How far/long do you want to commute? When we moved, we decided a 30-40 min commute from my job (as I would be working shifts), we happened on Leeming by chance, loved it and stayed. Have a look on at the suburbs you're interested in and then the house prices 9only you'll know if it's within your budget), make a short list of suburbs and come and have a look at them.
  14. Interesting read - although it always makes me smile when people say Aussie drivers as if all the bad drivers are Australian - i'm not sure how people can tell a nationality when they're sat in a car ... always think it reads better as 'drivers in Aus' to encompass the diverse nationalities that make up WA. Regarding secondary schools, I think it depends on the area's you live also - some may not have a reputable state school and I don't think that private is necessarily better, with some excellent state secondary schools. Personally, I think it's about getting the right fit for your child for some that's private and others public. We were lucky to live in an area with a good secondary school which met my children's differing needs - my daughter was academic (and they had an extension programme) whilst my son is sporty and has been able to study sports coaching and outdoor education - getting his skippers ticket this year. Glad you've settled though and the frustrations haven't made you want to go back to the UK.
  15. Thanks Camilla for keeping the forum updated with the rule changes