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  1. ali

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    Not been to Ruby's - it closes early and working full time I don't get there
  2. ali

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    Where is 6 willows?
  3. ali

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I'd booked a table at Baltazhar but had to cancel due to the most recent lockdown. Going to Seven Sins next month in Roleystone (used to be Roleys on the ridge), it's got good reviews.
  4. ali

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I think they're the same owners who had the Roxby
  5. ali

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I like the older suburbs
  6. Ate recently (for our Anniversary) at Prago in Floreat. Meal was excellent, it says Italian but is more Mediterranean/European. Fine dining portions and they offer paired wines. We had the 3 course set menu (with choices) for $68 each (although I paid $5 for the fish) and $24 (something) for the paired wine - I got a rose, chardonnay and dessert wine with the food i'd ordered. My daughter had given us a Restaurant choice gift card which was accepted here. Certainly worth a visit.
  7. ali

    Private Schools in Perth

    As Rossmoyne says there are lots of private schools in Perth but private doesn't always mean better from a results point of view. I would always suggest looking around the school and seeing if it will meet the needs of your child - I've known families start off in private and move to public and visa versa because their children weren't happy/thriving. Primary schools are really much of a muchness
  8. ali

    Past sailing schedules

    Have you tried contacting the maritime museum? They may be able to point you in the right direction
  9. ali

    Is now a Good time to move to Perth?

    Which visa are you looking at? I didn't see Graphic designer on the skills list for a 190 or the 491 but I may have missed it. If you can get a visa then I certainly think it's worth considering but there are a few buts ... not everyone finds the migration journey a successful one and both you and your partner need to both be really up for it, following the other partners dream has sometimes not been enough for people to want to stay. The process is a long one if you add on doing the skills assessment etc. Application grants seem to have been taken much longer due to covid. Whilst the WA economy is doing better than most the unemployment rate is still 6.2% and many businesses were and still are effected by Covid. That said, if you're both up for it then it's a great place to live.
  10. ali

    Young Family in UK

    What is is you do now Joe? Is that on any of the lists and something you could get more qualifications for?
  11. ali

    Young Family in UK

    Hi and welcome to the forum, Having family here doesn't mean much these days i'm afraid, your first thing will be to see if your (or your wifes) occupations are on any on the skilled lists and if they are to see which body does the skills assessment. You will need a mixture of qualifications and experience (the assessing authority will set out what those are). Unfortunately, the lists change all the time and even things like nursing have been identified as 'under review' and potentially could come off the lists (unheard of a few years ago), so my advice would be if choosing a different career path, to choose something that you'd be happy doing even if you don't get to move to Australia.
  12. ali

    Private Schools in Perth

    Where are they moving to - Perth Metro is a very big place?
  13. ali


    Lol, I think that's the main reason why a lot of people don't want to consider changing the date
  14. ali


    Hope you had a good day. We're all for moving the day - my suggestion is 21st May as this is when Aboriginals were able to vote.
  15. ali

    Teaching Registration WA

    Not sure .. but how about applying for jobs - have a look at jobs WA and in your cover letter say you require nomination.