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  1. ali

    Midwifery Jobs

    Personally, if you are able to get PR then that is the best option. Temporary visa's require job offers. I know my own service (I work in MH) gives preference to PR and Citizens for jobs and they don't offer sponsorship. Your wife will need to look at having the skills assessment (for visa purposes) by ANMAC and also register with AHPRA. You can do both simultaneously, or apply for either first. With AHPRA (registering body), once you have your letter to say that you are registered in principle - you then have 3 months to present in person to finalise this and become registered. If you have AHPRA registration, you can apply for a modified skills assessment with ANMAC
  2. ali


    No, you can't become apply for PR as the threshold for that is 45
  3. ali


    Hi Daryl, My understanding is that there isn't an age limit for sponsorship on a temporary visa
  4. It seems to be taking several months
  5. ali

    Perth employment rate

    Are you looking to apply now or in a few years? Things change all the time and what's relevant now for obtaining a visa may not be in later down the track. I would say that if you're eligible now then try now. Our friend is a painter, he is employed casually and has regular work but the downside is of course that there is no annual leave/sick pay etc.,
  6. ali

    Recommended couriers please!

    Movecube? Not used them myself but heard recommendations
  7. ali

    Change partner on 189 PR visa

    Hi Scotty, As your PR has already been granted, it would (I imagine), now be a case of your new girlfriend applying for a partner visa. If you split with your ex prior the visa grant, you should have informed immigration of the change of circumstances.
  8. ali

    Two months in... Nearly!

    I think that's one of the things I like most about Perth. Having just been on holiday to NSW, we were surprised that all the restaurants had closed by 9.30pm on a weekday in Darling Harbour and in Katoomba and the Hunter Valley, kitchens closed at 8.30pm
  9. ali

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Lovely post and I'm glad that you're settling in. When we moved, the shipment arriving was a great help for the children having familiar things around them. Your youngest will probably feel better when she has the routine of school and has made some friends … we'd been here a year when my son whose the youngest (now 19), asked at dinner if we were still on holiday. My daughter (now 24) has often said she has been happy to have her teenage years here in Aus rather than the UK
  10. No, more about life in Perth, answering peoples queries about migration, schools etc., Your post advertising your club is sufficient.
  11. Sorry can't help with the form. Can't recall many (if any posters) with a similar query. You may be better asking on our sister site Poms in Oz which has a much bigger membership.
  12. ali

    Container from UK to perth

    Check out the website - it used to have something on it about 'new items'