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  1. I'm not sure about the closely related employment, but I think you do need an (available) job offer for the 190 and if you're not looking to move for a few years then the rules may change.
  2. My boy took me to Grill'd for the first time - I have to say I really enjoyed their burger and they offered low carb and gluten free options
  3. ali

    Harrisdale people

    have you joined our sister site Poms in oz? That gets a bit more activity than this forum.
  4. Would agree with VS - Irish/British makes little difference to how your application is processed.
  5. Have you done the ceremony yet? If not then you're not a citizen yet and unable to apply for a passport.
  6. ali

    Vetassess Plumbing

    Welcome to the forum - the OP hasn't posted since 2016 so unlikely to answer. I see you're posting from India - we'd love to hear your hopes for your migration journey.
  7. ali

    Plumbers beware

    This is an old thread from 2015
  8. You do not have to have registration prior to submitting an application for a skills assessment.
  9. Hopefully, someone will have the definite answer for you. You will be invited to apply based on the number of points you have. If you don't have enough points at the initial stage - you won't get an invite. How many points will your husband have if he loses the age points?
  10. Welcome to the forum - hope some of the NOR members are able to help out
  11. It might not be. I guess you have to remember that they will get a lot of 'fake' references and require a specific format. Certainly in nursing for example there are set things that are required in the reference to meet the necessary standards required Getting it right will mean (hopefully) a positive outcome. I've not found Aussies to be particularly rude (guess it may depend on the industry). I think, if you're having doubts if it's worth it - i'd hang fire for a while and make certain it's what you want, the process is lots of money to waste if you're not really sure.
  12. ali

    Man On The Ground

    I personally don't think there's much of a call for it to be honest. I think those are things that people can do pretty easily themselves. I would be cautious offering a service setting up visa's though. It wasn't something we considered for ourselves (wouldn't want to trust a stranger to view a house for us for example). Good luck with your venture though, if you decide to do it.
  13. ali

    open new account from UK

    12 years ago for us but Westpac was very easy at that time. What about commonwealth?
  14. ali

    No kitchen for 2 weeks.... how to cook?!

    Uber Eats