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  1. There are a number of registered migration agents who post on this and our sister sites who have very good reputations and actively participate in our forums. If people wish to contact you, they can do so via the PM system, however, please note that we do not allow unauthorised advertising.
  2. Leeming Senior High School has an education support centre attached.
  3. I think life is what you make it and for us it's been an excellent move, I don't think I could return to the UK to live. I know my daughter has said (and I've posted previously) that she has been very happy to have had her teenage years in Aus rather than the UK. I'm all for encouraging new migrants to give it a go if they feel they want/need to. I think if people arrive with their eyes wide open (and there's too much information available to have rose coloured specs on) they have a reasonable idea of what they're heading into. For some they'll love it and others will hate it. Good luck with the move back xx
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. The TSS as you probably know is designed to temporarily fill vacancies in the short term when they have been unable to fill the position with an Australian. Have a look on places like seek.com or find out names of companies and email them directly. There is a thread about construction and whilst there are hints that this field is picking there haven't been as many jobs advertised it seems as in the past. You will, it seems, have two hurdles - 1 to secure a sponsorship and the fact that your visa will only be a temporary one and if there are Citizens/PR's applying for the same jobs they will get priority. We do have some members who've worked in this industry and they may be able to give you some ideas/sources to target. Good luck.
  5. My understanding is that you have to be classed as resident to get domestic fees - I've read that the residency requirement is 3 years.
  6. ali


    My daughter did teaching placements at both schools - she felt Willetton was far more results driven then Rossmoyne. She also did an internship at Shenton whilst studying her BA and was impressed with their extra-curricular activities for students.
  7. ali


    Hi Yes you can enrol mid term and for most schools you have to be in the catchment - they will need proof of an address and some require you to show a lease. I'm not sure with the most popular (difficult to get into schools), what happens if you move out of the catchment (you'd probably need to check). Generally, houses are a little more expensive to rent in those catchment areas. Do bring your immunisation records for the children, you will probably be required to show them.
  8. All good reputations, but I note they're ones that are very academic. Having 2 children who are chalk and cheese I would say that sometimes you need to look and get a feel for a school and if the atmosphere would be right for your child and meet all their needs.
  9. ali

    Thinking about making the move!

    Can only speak for nursing in that there aren't as many jobs being advertised as there was previously, but there is a lot of agency work and Nurse West is probably one of the biggest providers for casual staff. Your wife will need to register with AHPRA http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Overseas-Practitioners.aspx Your children will probably be able to get citizenship by decent, but your wife will have to apply for a partner visa (if memory serves). Public education is free but you pay for books/contributions to school and in High School pay towards some subjects e.g. for my son in year 12 last year my school fees were over $1,000 when they all added up. Areas, are very subjective what suits one doesn't suit another. I would say that where your wife will be working will be important rather than you e.g. it's no good living in Rockingham if your wife is working in Joondalup as the commute would be an exceptionally long one. My husband works between Yanchep and Dunsborough with a head office in Malaga - we live somewhere in the middle lol ... but we chose the area so that I was only about 30 mins from home as I was working shifts. Salaries are generally higher, but the cost of living is also higher in general. Perth can be an expensive place to live/eat out etc, but having said that, we've always managed to have savings here and haven't struggled - you just cut your cloth depending on your outgoings. There is a thread about construction - I've heard on the radio that things are picking up economically again generally albeit slowly, so it doesn't sound like it's all doom and gloom, but again, jobs might not be as available as they once were yet.
  10. Door knocking is the only thing that I can think of - sorry you're having difficulty in getting a job.
  11. ali

    Q on 186 Visa

    You seem to have the services of a migration agent who should be able to answer all your questions for you as they are qualified in their field.
  12. ali

    Construction industry

    Not often I have to moderate a thread on PP - finding it a bit of a novelty. There's a lot of good info on this thread and differing opinions, I ask that those differences are respected without making personal remarks. I'm sure the OP will take what they need from the thread and ignore the things they don't. Any issues with moderators - please do PM us or admin. To all members - this is a forum and there will be differences of opinion - unfortunately the link to the guidelines appears to not be working (I've asked the owners to look at it). However, I do know the forum etiquette is the same as our sister site Poms in Oz - I ask you all to be mindful of it  Forum Etiquette Thank you goes a long way - If someone has taken the time to discuss, and share their experiences with you then please be appreciative of that and thank them accordingly. This applies especially to the migration agents who give their time on the site for free. We don't walk in their shoes - If someone is offering to share their experiences please do not belittle them, or make personal comments, or judgements, about their situation. It is not helpful to anyone, and only detracts from the discussion at hand. Communicating on message boards is different from face-to-face communication. Only the words are seen, not your facial expressions or tone of voice. Please pay careful attention to how you use your words. Remember that the words you enter in a burst of passion or indignant anger will be there for you and everyone else to see, sometimes long after those intense feelings have passed. That's not meant to discourage spontaneity, but just a friendly reminder of the long-term existence and effects of what you post. You may, from time to time, find yourself in disagreement with someone else's opinion. At times like these, please keep in mind it's safer and more polite to take issue with the comments rather than the person  Back on topic .. which I believe is about the construction industry. Cheers
  13. ali

    Scarborough face lift

    Not actually been up there yet - but heard some positive things about the development.
  14. ali

    rights to education

    No problem - I see you have an active thread on our sister site Poms in Oz.
  15. ali

    rights to education

    I sense your frustration - but I think it's good to remember that the forum members aren't migration experts nor experts in children's law. The link I've provided, suggests that you can apply for citizenship for your children It's not that expensive at $235 for the first child and $95 for subsequent children and seems a clear cut route and will provide access to education without any difficulty.