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  1. Registering to teach in WA

    You apply for the card at the post office - they take your photo - your receipt is proof that you have applied for your card which is then posted out to you.

    I don't know the answer, but know a this happened to a colleague (although they hadn't had an RRV before), they were given a temporary bridging visa - but this was a few years ago and as I say they'd never had an RRV before. I hope someone can answer your query.
  3. Ask them about their Christian ethos.
  4. Purchase of House

    As new migrants we needed a letter from our employers stating we were employed and what our annual salary was. We also produced a bank statement to show our funds/savings. We opted to get our mortgage with our Bank Westpac who at the time were offering the best interest rates .
  5. Advice needed

    Yes, if she's an Australian Citizen she does
  6. autism school -WA-Perth

    I have a friend whose son has sever Autism and to be honest she seems to have to fight for any funding on a regular basis, so my guess is that you will need to apply for funding when you arrive for any services. I can't help with a recommendation for a school in the North. Other than looking and for a school, I would probably do that yourself (with no disrespect for your dad), but you'll know the feel of the place and if your son would be ok there. You will need an address in the catchment area to enrol in any school. I'm guessing the school will also need to see any statements etc., for your son. Good luck with the move.
  7. 489 Visa holder

    The visa doesn't prevent you taking a holiday in another state
  8. Try move cube
  9. UK bank account trouble :(

    Our card was blocked when we were in the US as it had a lot of activity, it was bothersome to sort out with the time difference and for security purposes, they'd only deal with Nigel as the main card holder. The first problem is probably with Royal mail - and the bank did act in your best interest. I think this is one of the problems as you say in keeping things open in the UK when you live so far away. We closed all accounts in the UK
  10. UK bank account trouble :(

    To be honest, I think the bank acted in your best interest if mail was returned to them as not known at this address.
  11. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    I think so, our friends daughter will be 16 in March and goes into year 11 next year.
  12. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi and welcome. There isn't a GCSE equivalent, in year 10 students choose subjects that they're going to do in years 11 and 12 which is essentially a 2 year course which if they study ATAR subjects will give then a score for Uni entry. Children are generally 17/18 when they leave school. Here's a link to years 11/12. I know one of my sons friends is a year older, so possible to start in year 11. I would recommend coming for the start of the school year if your child will be entering year 11.
  13. Harrisdale people

    Hope you guys get some replies - we are SOR but in our 50's
  14. We have finally arrived!

    Most schools will need you proof of address in their catchment area. GP's you don't need to register until you move - unlike the UK you can go to any GP (providing they've got room on their list). We provisionally had a choice of school, registration took place just before they commenced - we needed to show our visa, proof of address and immunisation history for the children.
  15. When to apply for jobs.

    Personally, I think it would be best to have your visa secured as this is your right to work. It is unlikely in the current climate that an employer would choose a candidate whose visa status is uncertain (no way of knowing when and if your visa will be granted - then there will be the move itself). At the moment, employers will want someone to start as soon as possible. Faced with similar candidates - the panel would probably go with availability to fill the position. It's by no means impossible but unlikely.