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  1. Importing a car

    I'm not 100% sure it's worth it, too many hoops and taxes. I see you've started a thread on our sister site PIO which has had some helpful replies.
  2. We used John Masons (albeit 10 years ago), they continue to have a good reputation. They did use Wridgeways here in Perth for delivery and they were also faultless.
  3. It'll be busy along Leach Highway or South Street towards the city, but it's a relatively short journey.
  4. Good cafes around Perth

    Not hear of twig and sparrow or six willows. I took my two for breakfast at the Willow Pond .. lovely venue but food was a little disappointing.
  5. My local IGA is great for meat and veg ... I also use Gilberts (he sponsors and is involved in our football club) and the butchers and fishmongers at Southlands are excellent.
  6. Eating out

    Hi John - welcome to the forum. Are you from Perth (I see you're posting from over East).
  7. We have finally arrived!

    Absolutely, I'm on my 3rd GP's and what a gem she is .. a no nonsense Indian lady who is brilliant - doesn't mess around and the bonus is that it's a bulk billing practise. I had been happy with our last GP to a point but a couple of things with my hubby and my not feeling they were thorough enough made me change. I live in Leeming and now go to Canning Vale (next suburb).
  8. Emigrating in January

    Unless you have a complicated medical history - don't bother. if you have any medical issues and have seen a specialist - just ask for a copy of the letters.
  9. What's for dinner tonight?

    Heat 1tbs oil and cook 1 coarsely chopped onion Add 1 clove crushed garlic and 1tsp fennel seeds - cook for 1 min Add 1/2 cup dry white wine - cook for 5 mins or until reduced by half Add Cauliflower florets, 2 chopped pears, 1 coarsely chopped (and peeled) potato, 1L veg or chicken stock and 2 cups water. Bring to the boil, reduce heat to medium and cook until veg is very tender. Cool slightly when cooked. Add 1/2 cup sour cream and 80g blue cheese and blend until smooth. Serve with chopped roasted hazelnuts, fried sage leaves, thin slices of pear and a drizzle of oil *I did add some extra stock and also some milk to think it a little.
  10. Not heard of assistance with baggage - doesn't mean it doesn't exist - you may need to contact the airports. Excess baggage - read up on each airline and what they allow - Singapore will allow additional baggage but you have to have an unvalidated PR visa to have the excess. ETA - you probably already know that UK and Aus standards for car seats are different - but thought i'd mention it.
  11. What's for dinner tonight?

    Slightly off topic as not really for dinner .... but I tested a new soup for Christmas ... Cauliflower, pear and blue cheese .. delicious !! I split the soup before adding cheese to one half (kids don't like blue cheese), they were equally impressed with the soup and that's one part of the Christmas dinner menu sorted.
  12. Hi Kelly, I'm in Leeming which is a neighbouring suburb to those you're interested in. We stumbled on Leeming by chance - the kids settled in Leeming Primary School very quickly and we didn't want to uproot them again. We love the area we're in, a great community feel. My children both went to Leeming Primary and then onto Leeming HS. My children are very chalk and cheese - one academic and one sporty. LSH met both their needs - my daughter was in the academic extension programme and my son has been able to study, physical education, outdoor education and sports coaching.
  13. Scammed

    Our rules don't allow naming and shaming - although I totally sympathise with your experience and the behaviour of the agents. People can contact you to find out the name of the company. If they are MARA registered you can report them i'm sure.
  14. Just be mindful that whilst they may be feeder schools - you will have to reside in the catchment area of the HS
  15. The Moving Partnership

    Never heard of them either.