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  1. Might be the number of applicants has risen? More time consuming to do all the checks they need to do.
  2. Gum tree is one option, pub work in country/outback pubs
  3. They are taking a lot longer at the moment and certainly, in excess of 12 months isn't unusual.
  4. ali

    Advice on what to ship?

    Can't help with the manifest - our shippers did our packing. I did hear that self packed containers come under more scrutiny at dock - but don't know if that's true or a bit of scaremongery We brought a washing machine and a tumble dryer both lasted quite a few years before needing new ones (in fact we've been here 11 years and only replaced our washer about 5 years ago). Do make sure everything is spotlessly clean - I did read on the forum a long time ago that someone got charged for their kids bike for dirt on the wheels - they think it had happened by wheeling it to the container and it picked up some surface dirt.
  5. ali

    18 months in and things going well

    Wow, Congratulations on the job and the house xx
  6. Sorry, can't answer your specific question, I've read that having 70/75 points is more likely to get an invite since the changes in June. You could look at state sponsorship - can you apply on your husbands skills? Will he get more points?
  7. ali

    Advice on what to ship?

    Can only speak for ourselves - we used John Masons, it took them two and a half days to pack and load/transport to the docks and they worked liked trojans. You may find that you don't have a lot of time to organise in 7 weeks and may not even be able to get a container on a ship (we booked our date several months in advance). I guess your dilemma is that your move is only a temporary one - are you renting out your home? You could do that fully furnished
  8. There are a number of registered migration agents who post on this and our sister sites who have very good reputations and actively participate in our forums. If people wish to contact you, they can do so via the PM system, however, please note that we do not allow unauthorised advertising.
  9. Leeming Senior High School has an education support centre attached.
  10. I think life is what you make it and for us it's been an excellent move, I don't think I could return to the UK to live. I know my daughter has said (and I've posted previously) that she has been very happy to have had her teenage years in Aus rather than the UK. I'm all for encouraging new migrants to give it a go if they feel they want/need to. I think if people arrive with their eyes wide open (and there's too much information available to have rose coloured specs on) they have a reasonable idea of what they're heading into. For some they'll love it and others will hate it. Good luck with the move back xx
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. The TSS as you probably know is designed to temporarily fill vacancies in the short term when they have been unable to fill the position with an Australian. Have a look on places like seek.com or find out names of companies and email them directly. There is a thread about construction and whilst there are hints that this field is picking there haven't been as many jobs advertised it seems as in the past. You will, it seems, have two hurdles - 1 to secure a sponsorship and the fact that your visa will only be a temporary one and if there are Citizens/PR's applying for the same jobs they will get priority. We do have some members who've worked in this industry and they may be able to give you some ideas/sources to target. Good luck.
  12. My understanding is that you have to be classed as resident to get domestic fees - I've read that the residency requirement is 3 years.
  13. ali


    My daughter did teaching placements at both schools - she felt Willetton was far more results driven then Rossmoyne. She also did an internship at Shenton whilst studying her BA and was impressed with their extra-curricular activities for students.
  14. ali


    Hi Yes you can enrol mid term and for most schools you have to be in the catchment - they will need proof of an address and some require you to show a lease. I'm not sure with the most popular (difficult to get into schools), what happens if you move out of the catchment (you'd probably need to check). Generally, houses are a little more expensive to rent in those catchment areas. Do bring your immunisation records for the children, you will probably be required to show them.
  15. All good reputations, but I note they're ones that are very academic. Having 2 children who are chalk and cheese I would say that sometimes you need to look and get a feel for a school and if the atmosphere would be right for your child and meet all their needs.