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  1. ali

    Young professionals?

    Whilst not a young professional (lol), I don't get the isolation part. Compared to Melbourne and Sydney- it doesn't have the same hustle and bustle and is sleepier. My children are now 23 and 19 and neither are feeling that they need to go off to pastures new at this stage .. .I don't know of any mass exodus of young people, but of course people will move for opportunities be it travel or jobs. I guess, through work, you'll meet like minded people, if you have any interests then that lends itself to some socialisation. I do know, that here, people tend to go out later - as we're heading home from the city at midnight the train is packed with people heading into the city.
  2. ali

    Gluten free baker

    A quick google shows some gluten free bakeries such as 'Strange Grains'
  3. ali

    what to do ?

    Will be a difficult Christmas for your family Pegg - thinking of you and hope that your family can smile through the inevitable tears xx
  4. ali

    Hot Tub

    Certainly worth looking up the regulations and safety standards. Not heard of anyone shipping one or if your shipment would come under extra scrutiny at customs because of it.
  5. ali

    Hot Tub

    Depending on size - you possibly would have to have it fenced.
  6. ali

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    Depends on how far he wants to travel - most people if they're going to be playing regularly join a club reasonably close to home (remembering that WA is so spread out), additionally, some clubs may have waiting lists for membership. Can't comment on which to try - but if you google then you'll be able to look at some websites/reviews
  7. ali

    Swimming Lessons

    My children had already had swimming lessons - but if google it, i'm sure you'd find somewhere to take them. Schools will do swimming lessons, at my childrens school this used to be a set block for a couple of weeks (every day) and they would be assessed and the next grade recommended. In school holidays there are Vac swims - some of these my take place at the river for example.
  8. ali

    what to do ?

    So sorry to hear of your families loss. xxx
  9. ali

    what to do ?

    Have you looked into the international baccalaureate? Don't know much about it, but may be an option as qualifications are recognised in a lot of countries for Uni.
  10. ali

    When to move with 7 year old

    We moved with an 11 and 7 year old and decided that we wanted the children to start the whole school year - so arrived in January for a Feb start. This was 11 years ago and at that stage year 7 was the last year of Primary school so that was important for our 11 year old to get a whole year in before another change. Have a look on myschool - which gives you some indication of schools but to be honest like any school in the UK the feel of the school is probably one of your best indicators - not all children are academic and you want to achieve an all round balance.
  11. ali

    what to do ?

    So sorry to hear about your FIL Pegg. The move is a bit of dilemma … I'd be saying if you're all coming back, you need to do it so your son can be here for Years 11 and 12. GCSE's won't count for much here, but A levels will be able to be converted in order to get Uni entry. A colleagues daughter remained in the UK to complete A levels (living with a relative) and took holidays out here in WA - don't know if this is an option for you (albeit a difficult one to be separated from your child). Whilst I don't think kids can dictate the whole families happiness - seeing a once bubbly child become depressed must be heartbreaking. Hard to foretell the future - would your son return long enough to get citizenship and with that he'll always then have the option of returning to Aus .. but gives him the freedom to also return to the UK if he wants to?
  12. ali

    help required

    Have you thought about putting an advert in the West Australian?
  13. I think you would be eligible in October - you have to have not had more than 3 months absence in the last 12 months. If you go back without getting citizenship and want to return, you have to apply for a resident return visa. This is harder to achieve the longer you are away and you need to identify your strong ties to Australia. I would certainly apply for this at least prior to leaving as it can take several months to grant. +
  14. ali

    Visa system a joke

    Immigration is renowned for giving misinformation - they don't know the immigration laws and are basically people answering the phones. The RRV's are really only a formality if you've not left the country for any substantial period of time. you have to meet certain criteria and will either be granted 5 year RRV, 1 year or even 3 months. If you've met all the residency requirement I'd be thinking of applying for citizenship