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  1. Hello!

    Good Luck - hopefully we'll be welcoming you back to Perth soon
  2. Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

    It might be worth checking with a registered migration agent. I read it that you have no children dependent on you (so if they're adult they won't count). I don't know about this visa, but most other applications ask you to name non migrating family members. If a child e.g. is of dependent age but doesn't live with you, then this may be an issue is the parent who cares for them is no longer able to do so. You shouldn't willfully omit any information asked for in an application as this would then be fraudulent I would get some advice if you have a dependent age child who doesn't live with you - to make sure.
  3. Meet new friends

    Sorry to hear about the homesickness Sue - what is it you're missing?
  4. Hello!

    Hi Jon, Welcome to the forum - hope your visa journey is trouble free.
  5. I agree with Jen in that 2-3 months really isn't enough time to feel as if you're living here, especially as a lot of relatives often visit for that amount of time for holidays.
  6. When people apply onshore they're usually here on another visa such as a 457. I don't believe that your children would be allowed to go into kindy when on a tourist visa. Also, if you were wanting it to be 'real life' rather than holiday then you'd want to be working and you wouldn't be allowed to do so on a tourist visa either. You also can't travel with dependents on a WHV (if you were eligible). Personally, a skilled independent (for me) is always the best option if you are able to go for it.
  7. One month in!!

    Lovely update Budgie - i'm glad that you're settling.
  8. Went to see this last night and it was a great film - very British, funny and poignant. It's worth a look, particularly if you're feeling nostalgic.
  9. Customs clearance for container

    Just less than a week for us too (but that was 11 years ago).
  10. Homesick

    I think being English people don't expect there to be a culture shock when they arrive in Aus. I too find it hard to think of Perth being uncultured and superficial. One of the difficulties making friends is that you may unawares be projecting some vibes and people might just be seeing the negativity and finding it hard to get to know you? What motivated you to move from the UK? Ask your GP for a Mental Health care plan for some psychology sessions - I think you need to talk out how you feel initially on your own - then I would consider couple counselling (Try relationships Australia). Your homesickness and negative feelings are affecting you, your relationship and probably your children if you're both bickering. With the couple counselling, you both have to be prepared to listen to the other person .. you say lack of support - what will help the session is to be able to identify what that means for you and that will give your partner a better chance to respond. You may find that the bickering is just a big a problem for him too ... once you can both identify what it is you need from each other - you can then work/look at if either of you can provide what the other is asking for. One of the things that happens when we're down/depressed is that everything around us becomes negative - as hard as you try, you're probably not going to see Perth in any different a light due to your unhappiness which you have to get sorted first. I do think that you probably need to sort out these issues here, if you both decide to go back then these issues are just going to be in your suitcase to rear their head at another time. One note of caution is that should your relationship end - you won't be able to just go back with the children.
  11. Thanks for your post - I have edited your email as we encourage people to contact via our PM system. We hope that you will continue to be an active member of the forum, sharing your migration journey and helping those yet to make the move.
  12. 143 parent visa

    I think it's a massive undertaking and as you're approaching retirement age I too would question the massive cost. I guess to examine - what you wanted to achieve by making the move in the first place and what those benefits are in the long term. My in-laws are in their 70's and whilst relatively fit - my mother in law now feels that the journey is too long for her and they may not visit us again. I would put that scenario into the equation when considering regular tourist visas ... the travelling back and forth might get a little too much. As you know, the rules for visas change all the time and processing times get longer and re-visiting visa options down the track may not be on the same playing field as they are now. I'm sure others will chip in
  13. I'm pretty sure you need a few years experience - have you looked at the assessing body for the skills assessment to see what's required for a plasterer?
  14. Top 50 Median ATAR Schools
  15. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    I've been there Rossy - love the little shop attached to the café.