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  1. hello everyone I am going to have an inspection of house at Rockingham. And I help an lawyer for the settlement of that house, I am interested.(if I can get a good price) please help to recommend a lawyer at Rockingham or Perth. I prefer a lawyer close to train station, or public transport. many thanks.
  2. I found that Peel District Police office is at Mandurah, and Mandurah police station is opposite Mandurah Forum, why there is more crime?
  3. the houses are older is not an serious issue, but if the crime rate is high then is a big problem. How serious of crime it is around Mandurah Forum area? and how convenient it is to call a taxi at Mandurah train station at late night? thx
  4. cl0se to shopping is convenient for daily life, why "not recommended". Is there any issue on public security or other matter happening when living at the area close to Mandurah Forum? And besides, is it convenient to call commercial taxi at Maqndurah train station at night? I decided to visit and stay at Mandurah somedays, just to "feel" the actual daily life there next month,then make a decision. ' '
  5. hello Lancelot in the last sentence in your post "in the right area". what is the "right area" in Mandurah? and where I am interested in Mandurah is the area close to Mandurah train station and close to Mandurah Forum. just be convenient for transport and shopping. Is it a "right area" in Mandurah that I am interested? thx.
  6. From mandurah.wa.gov.au the official website of that city, there is a mosquito problem there, I just like to know how serious it is to cause sickness of human beings? and in what area the mosquito problem is happening. besides, this area is close to Indian Ocean, is there strong wind, storm and other problem? thx,anticipation. Newcomer
  7. Now I am in Sydney, but there is a possibility to get a job there. I need to be close to public transport (like Mandurah train station), and close to shopping facilities (like close to Mandurah Forum). Why I "choose" Mandurah is that I don't have much money, and from websites I found Mandurah is beautiful at the first sight, although it is so-called "theoretically only". thank you for you help.
  8. Hello, this is first post from a newcomer (used as name at this Forum). I am a newcomer, now staying in friend's study. From property websites like Realestate.com.au, I found Mandurah WA provide low price properties at metro Perth, (although Mandurah is at the last train station.) I would like to seek for your suggestions and advices for buying a property at Mandurah WA 6210. thank you anticipation for your help. Newcomer