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    Jen I really appreciated the information, it was most valuable. And no it wasn't a bombardment. Hope your move has been a good positive experience overall, with no doubt its ups and downs! Gosh hopefully it'll be us also in a couple of years. Although I'm having a bit of a wobble at the moment! At least now I know Harrisdale not an realistic option, as I would want both my older children at the same school. I'm still edging towards Willeton I think!? Depends if we can find suitable rental, as I would rent first then buy if we decide to stay. Do you think we could find a property in a week? Coming mid September with not much time to enrol especially with the kids holidays in Sep./Oct. as i imagine the schools will be closed. And wanting them to start in October. Can you suggest any good estate agents, any good or bad experiences? Roughly how much do you pay for each child at Willeton? (if I'm allowed to ask)? Sorry I feel that I'm bombarding you with my many questions now! Any suggestions etc are much appreciated. Many thanks Mahnaz
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    Good luck to you also Claire. Wishing everything goes smoothly for you all, and every success x
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    Thanks folks, valuable and reassuring information was much appreciated. I just had this nightmare vision of them not going to school until January 2019 at start of term! Jen I'm not too sure where we are moving to, got no family friends in Perth etc. Tempted with Rossmoyne or Willeton as I have often see these coming up favourable as public schools. Looking at public schools but equally aware that rental costs will be high in these popular sought after schools. Do you work at a SHS? could you give me any pointers? And do you know much re Harrisdale SHS regarding any likely academic results etc. or would it be too early to say with it being a new school! Also do you know if the uniform cost, books etc. would vary greatly from school to school or are they similar in comparison? The kids ages are 15, 13 and 6 years of age. My son is currently year 10 in the UK, doing his first year of GCSEs, what year would he likely start if he enrolled for October start? Many thanks.
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    Hi a quick question, if you get your house in the school catchment area will you most likely get your child at that school. Also do the schools in Perth accept children mid through an academic year? We are making our move in September, the plan is to get them enrolled and start in October after school holidays. Many thanks any comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
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    House for rent in Tapping

    hi interested
  6. Hi any advice, I am going five weeks first to perth and then family will follow, hubby and three kids. I am not sure weather to book accom before going for all of us or shall I go to perth and find something? Any advice will be much appreciated many thanks x