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  1. Hi there My mobile is 0420886967. I work a couple of days per week but I can make it for coffee next week - see if anyone else from this thread keen and we can set a date. Thanks Sandra
  2. smoggie


    Hiya Im in Hillarys and can meet up whenever suites you as kids go back tomorrow! Shall we try to set something up for next week?
  3. smoggie

    Moving from Hartlepool uk with a

    Hiya. My OH is in oil/gas industry and we are in Hillarys at the moment. The price of things here is a bit of a shock at first - some things seem a load more expensive but you can find offers etc - some of the stuff posted on here under " cost of living" is really good. Having said that , we went home for Christmas and I got a shock how much the price of food there is creeping up. You sound in a very similar situation to us - we both had fairly good wages and within reason could go out for meals etc whenever we wanted. Now I only work a few hours a week as I need to be there for the kids and we dont have as much disposable cash but are nowhere near as stressed as back home, and do loads more with the kids. The areas you mentioned are pretty pricey ( we loved Scarbrough when we first came out); rentals on the whole can be expensive . Have a look on REIWA or Realestate.com.au ( think thats right) to stat looking at prices. Its hard to get an idea of where you like until you start having a look around but it gives you an idea of prices or what you can get for yr money. Good luck and stay positive
  4. smoggie

    nor or sor??? anyones opinions?

    Ive been here a short time and only seen NOR and love it but OH has worked SOR and tells me there are lovely areas there too. As the previous post says have a good look as much as you can and maybe go with your gut feeling, also consider workplaces as the traffic can add a lot of time onto yr working day. Sorry to sound a thicko but I do have to ask - whats a bogan??
  5. smoggie


    Hi Whereabouts are you? Im NOR and in similar boat but with slightly younger kids. If your near me I could meet for coffee :smile:
  6. smoggie

    Moving from Hartlepool uk with a

    You sound like me about 8 months ago! We both had good jobs near Middlesbrough, my OH was offered similar to you, got help packing our stuff up, rented the house out and here we are!! Been here for about 4 months now, so Im pretty much a novice and finding out stuff as I go along, but on the whole its been a good move. My girls are 9 and settling them has been a priority ( getting there slowly!), but life here ispretty good so far. There are days I have wobbles if we've done the right thing but I think thats only natural ; its a great place, people in general are really helpful and theres loads to do. In short - loving it so far. Hope this is helpful and let me know if theres anything I can help with - will do my best.
  7. Hi Tacey - It would be great to meet up. I know what you mean about feeling old!! We are free the next couple of weekends so let me know when suits you best, or message me and we can sort something out. Sandra
  8. Hiya to all! We ( thats me, husband and 2 daughters) arrived here in October and have met some lovely people but would love to meet more our age ( Im 44 and my husband 43). We are in Hillarys so not far from Duncraig. It would be great to meet up for a cuppa or beer ( early evening as we havent quite got babysitting thing sussed out here yet!) Sandra
  9. smoggie

    Dance schools near Hillarys

    Hi All We are in Hillarys and my girls did various dance classes ( tap, ballet, jazz) in the UK. Can anyone recommend a good dance school/classes near Hillarys? There is quite a lot listed around Joondalup but just wondered if anyone knows from first hand a good one. Thanks
  10. smoggie

    Get together

    Hiya Rainbow I am also a married mum currently in Mindarie soon to be Hillarys. My hub also works away ( or due to imminently) and like you all my intentions on here are good! I havent been here long and loving it and it would be good to meet you. Im not working at the mo free on own before 3 weekdays! Let me know if you fancy meeting up. Smoggie
  11. Hello all Im coming to Perth in about a week and will be staying in Mindarie for the first month. Does anyone know of any decent exercise classes ( Bodypump, Combat, Zumba, Boxercise etc) held around that area or along the northern coast? Im spoilt at home as I regularly go to a centre which runs a varied program, good instructors and a pay as you go/ no hefty gym membership charge. The only ones ive found on the net are via Gymworld and seem to involve full membership or have had blogs saying the instructors weren't too good. Can anyone advise as I think a bit of exercise might help counteract any stress of the first few weeks. Plus Oz summers coming and I need a bit of help! Thanks Sandra
  12. Hi kelly Yey a fellow smoggie! How you getting on so far? we flying on 5th Oct and not sure where we staying yet ( poss Mindarie). You will know how we feeling. It would be good to meet up at this race meeting or another time if you want - i will even bring you an Evening Gazette if your missing them! Sandra
  13. Hi all Im on here more and more as the time for us to come over gets closer. Either date sounds great but maybe do the earlier one (Nov) and if its a success we could do Dec too! vlj - you been in oz 4 1/2 years wow. We looking to settle NOR so will be in touch when I get over ( in between getting car, house, schools etc sorted) Looking forward to Races as I come from a racing town and havent been for a few years. Also would love to compare Perth races to sunny Redcar!!! Sandra
  14. Suziepops - good luck with everything and dont let the stress get to you ( ha easy for me to say, but think Im approx 1 week behinbd you in whole move so will know exactly how you feeling very soon!). We going on 5th Oct and the list thing is getting out of hand - even dreamt about them last night. Saying goodbyes isnt easy and kind of surreal - more emotions to throw into the pot. Hope all goes smoothly , Im sure it will and remember what you/we doing is not easy but easy is for whimps! No pain no gain! Carlieanne and Jeri - your time will come around so quick you will be in Fremantle for fish and chip Sundays before you know it X Take care all