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  1. Snake!

  2. Snake!

    Hopefully October 9th if everything goes to plan!
  3. Snake!

    Haha, thanks. I thought it looked grey. My father-in-law thought it was brown. Any idea what it was?
  4. Snake!

    So, one year in and I saw my first live snake yesterday about 5 mins walk north from the play park at Mullaloo. It was at least 1 metre long and about 5m in front of the pram I was pushing! It slithered very quickly across the coastal path from one side to the other. I was alerted by my 3 year old daughter saying "daddy a big worm". It had zero interest in us and disappeared into the undergrowth and was out of site within seconds. All very exciting. Ross
  5. Hire Cars

    We used Mindarie Car Hire (north of river). Got picked up at airport, driven to our rental accommodation where our car was waiting for us. Reasonable rates. Cheers Ross
  6. British fish and chips

    Yes, it is. Ross
  7. How to watch F1 Grand Prix online?

    Thanks. Had a look at their website, doesn't mention Sky channels (that I could find). Does it work in Oz then? Ta Ross
  8. How to watch F1 Grand Prix online?

    Are you keeping it a secret? What is it, where did you get it? I want one. Cheers Ross
  9. What book.....???

    I agree, thoroughly entertaining. Ross
  10. What book.....???

    There's a bit of romance in Catherine the Great! I got in to that author after reading a number of books on dictators (Hitler, Mau etc) -- fascinating stuff. Not sure their characteristics necessarily reflect mine tho:wink: just interested in what makes these people tick. Ross
  11. What book.....???

    Titans of History by Simon Sebag Montefiore. His other books are far better tho: Stalin The Court of the Red Tsar, Catherine the Great & Potemkin, Sashenka. Very well written and engaging. Ross
  12. British fish and chips

    Not even that, although I'd like to point out that only one person was making personal insults which had to be removed. I was going to write a longer post, but don't want to bore people and would have had to reference deleted comments so won't bother. Anyway as Duncan Bannatyne would say: "amoot" Ross
  13. British fish and chips

    What a stupid attitude. So everything has to be Australian. Don't be daft.
  14. British fish and chips

    People are allowed to have opinions about quality of food, it isn't whinging. In fact lancslass provided reasons why she didn't like the takeaways to back up her assertion. Also, people are allowed to crave food from home and bring it to their new countries -- that's how cuisines spread across the world and why places like Glasgow have fantastic Indians and Italians. There are tons of examples of this. I'm not suggesting British fish and chips is a high end dining experience, but it seems that there are many poms who are fed up with frozen chips and want the real taste of chips from home. Also we are allowed to be patriotic and nostalgic about our home country and its food, just because we have settled in a new county doesn't mean we have to settle for takeaway food which doesn't meet our expectations. And finally no idea what you are on about with the spuds. We have easily managed to source potatoes and just to correct you on a point of fact, our cod and haddock will be from the North Atlantic and not substituted by any other fish. I suggest that if you want to whinge about the shark/cod/flake that you have been eating you lodge a complaint with your current local takeaway. If you want real cod, haddock and chips, you know where to come. Ross
  15. British fish and chips

    Thanks lancslass for an informative and well considered post. Cheers Ross