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    Hi, My husband and I applied for a parent visa 173 in March 2015. Looking at the website, They are now a month away from working on our visa! our son has been living in Perth for 11 years and our daughter and grandchildren for 5 years. We have been back and forward 14 times!! So as you can imagine this visa can't come quick enough! We are wondering if its possible to buy a house outright with no mortgage on a 173 visa? Thanks in advance Bev
  2. Hi, my husband and I are in the process of moving to Perth to join our 2 children and grandson in Perth. We are both in our mid and late fifties , and have Applied on a temporary parent visa that was lodged in March 2015. Can anyone give me some advice on wether you can buy a property with no mortgage on a temporary parent visa? Also any recommendations on shipping companies for future reference. i would be grateful for your comments many thanks Bev
    1. Parent Visa Process...

      Hi, congratulations on your parent visas! We have a son in Perth who's been a resident for 6 years and a daughter who's on a visa but applying for residency in may. We've recently become grandparents and visit often, we've decided to apply through an agent, both my husband and I are in our 50s. We know its going to be a costly process, we both work long hours and have little time to do the paperwork ect ourselves, roughly how much do you think you saved by not going through an agent?
    2. Uk migration agents

      Thanks for the recommendation Gareth, also the breakdown of costs. we are looking to go on a contributory parent visa, which is very expensive, but interesting to see all the other added costs. where it says visa granted 21-11-15, does that mean you can't go until then or you have to go before then? (Sorry for silly questions) we will Definately go through an agent as it is a long drawn out lengthy process especially if errors are made, plus we're not getting any younger!! good luck with your move
    3. Uk migration agents

      Thanks Mike, I will look on Go Matilda's website. How long did it take to go through from applying? Congratulations to you too! Do you have family/friends in Perth? Good luck with your move in January! Thanks again
    4. Both our children live in Perth, my son for 9 years who is a citizen and my daughter for 18 months who is not yet a citizen. We have recently become grandparents. We would like to apply to emigrate. Can anyone suggest a good agent as I've heard a few horror stories regarding agents.